Danielle Bregoli (Photo: Todd Williamson/NBC)

If you were wondering about Danielle Bregoli’s fight with fellow social media star Woah Vicky, then your wait is over. The pair got into a heated confrontation on Sunday at what appeared to be a mall in Los Angeles.

Why were they fighting? And more importantly, why did nine-year-old rapper Lil Tay get involved? The feud between the two Instagram stars has been brewing for a while and it was only a matter of time before they duked it out. Things got ugly when the two ran into each other in LA on Monday and exchanged words. Clearly, this feud isn’t stopping anytime soon and now, Bregoli has accused Vicky of being racist.

Sundays are for Fighting

As you may already be aware, Woah Vicky (whose real name is Victoria Waldrip) isn’t a fan of Bregoli and posted a video about wanting to fight her. The two have been battling it out back and forth over social media, slamming one another and threatening each other, but now it’s reached its boiling point. Vicky’s posted numerous videos on Instagram about wanting to fight Bregoli, but has never gotten the chance. But that all seemed to change over the weekend, when a video surfaced showing the two of them fighting at a mall. (Woah Vicky should avoid malls altogether, since she was arrested the last time she was in one!)

Why Were They Fighting?

At the time, it was unclear why the two Instagram stars were exchanging blows but Bregoli later took to Twitter and wrote that Vicky made a racist comment.

“just an fyi – i don’t be running around picking fights w irrelevant biches. That girl n da other 9 year old called my best friend a “dumb n*****”. i don’t stand for racial bullshit like that… shit it’s 2018 n they’re some ignorant biches out here that need to learn[sic].”

It is a term Woah Vicky and Lil Tay have beein highly criticised for using often, especially since they are both young white females. Many of those who comments on their posts hate on them for the language they use and especially for the way they throw that derogatory term around like it’s no big deal.

Woah Vicky and Lil Tay are on the same side and though Lil Tay is too young to be using some of the foul language she uses, she had no problem hurling insults at Bregoli, calling her a “bitch” among other words we won’t repeat.

Vicky has confused (and upset) many with her self-proclaimed idea that she’s African-American and she’s known for yelling whenever she says anything. (That is, when you can understand half of what she’s saying.) Fans have already taken sides in the feud and many have commented that Vicky is needs to get her ass kicked. When it comes to taking sides, it seems Bregoli has most people on hers. Other just want the two of them to stop speaking altogether.

Keep in mind, Bregoli was also let off probation recently and fighting publicly could hurt her in the future.