Photo: Jared C. Tilton / Stringer / Getty Images

If you follow NASCAR, you’ve surely heard of Danica Patrick. One of the best racers ever, she’s the representative goddess of NASCAR. Now that she’s retiring from racing, we’re going to celebrate this amazing woman with some of her sizzling hot pics, courtesy of Danica Patrick’s Instagram! Gentlemen, start your engines!

Danica Patrick came in disappointing 35th place at her final Daytona 500. But who cares if she doesn’t get to go out with a bang! She gets to go home to her hottie boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers and she’s just so damn hot! That certainly deserves a champagne celebration in our books.

She blazed a trail on the track as the only woman to have won an IndyCar series. Danica Patrick left many a competition gaping in the dust. But off the track, she’s just as smoking; her Instagram pics are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Go ahead and gawk at these stunning Danica Patrick photos and we are positive you’ll be watching more NASCAR.

#1. Hot wheels!

#2. We’d celebrate if we looked like her, too.

#3. BRB: Heading to a bookstore now.

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#4. Turning Up the heat!

#5. Goals!

#6. Great form.

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#7. Runway ready.

#8. Killer abs!

#9. Sunny smile.

#10. Rogers Is One lucky guy!