Image Source: Instagram/danbilzerian

Dan Bilzerian, famous on Instagram just for being himself, weighed in on the Bill Cosby controversy on Twitter. And it’s safe to say that the internet sensation caused quite a bit of outrage himself.

Bilzerian tweeted, “I don’t know if Bill Cosby is innocent or guilty, but he has already been convicted by the press, everyone loves to jump on blame bandwagons.” Twitter users were extremely dissatisfied to say the least. They replied with comments like, “Thank god you are rich and aren’t entrusted with any responsibility lol [sic],” and, “I’m pretty sure out of the 50 women that accused him of drugging and raping them, there’s a slight chance he’s guilty [sic].”

In case you’ve been under a rock and don’t know about the Bill Cosby allegations, the 78-year-old comedian has been accused of attempted assault or rape by about 50 women. As of last month, there are nine active lawsuits against Cosby and most are trying to sue for damages. What’s more, with such a tarnished reputation, NBC and TV Land also wiped Cosby’s face off their web sites, officially banning him from their channels.


Meanwhile, Bilzerian had already had enough of the Bill Cosby issue as he moved on to smack talk poker rival Jean-Robert Bellande. He tweeted something that painted a very gross picture, “I would rather watch my grandmother have sex than see @BrokeLivingJRB with money [sic].” Wait, what? That is exactly the reaction that everyone had. One Twitter user said, “That’s a rather odd fetish mate,” while another had the best reply ever: “You want us to believe you haven’t watched her? [sic].” Despite Bilzerian’s extreme playboy ways, his grandmother still seems a little too extreme!

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