Pro poker player and internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian has an interesting new proposition for his fans—one we’re not even sure is completely legal! And if you weren’t sure that the star is being serious, the video he posted confirms that yes, he really is.

On Instagram, Bilzerian posted a video of him making full use of his right to bear arms, packing a series of powerful (and excessive) firearms. Set to a heavy version of classical music, the video is a series of clips showing Bilzerian and his friends shooting and blowing up remote control cars as they drive around in the desert. Is it a waste of money and kind of stupid? Absolutely, but there’s no denying that it’s entertaining to watch, and if you had Dan Bilzerian’s money, you would quite possibly do the same.

If you want to send me stuff to shoot and blow up, send it to: Blitz P.O. Box 401300 Las Vegas, NV 89140 [email protected]@franktesoro


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And if that wasn’t enough, Bilzerian’s new hobby is now open to fan contributions; think of it as a bizarre new version of a crowdfunding campaign. What the personality is asking for is simple: he wants fans to send him stuff to give the same treatment to as he did the RC cars in the video! He had no problem sharing his address with the post for the sake of this endeavor, writing, “If you want to send me stuff to shoot and blow up, send it to: Blitz P.O. Box 401300 Las Vegas, NV 89140,” followed by the credits for those who helped make the video.

Given the over 184,000 (and counting) likes so far, it’s a safe bet that at least one person has sent something they want to see get blown up online. Bilzerian hasn’t said whether he will post another video showing himself destroying what fans send; he may very well keep the destruction to himself. Regardless, it’s certainly a different use of one’s time, and something only a wealthy celebrity like Dan Bilzerian can afford to do!

Video: Instagram/danbilzerian


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