While on vacation in Cabo this past weekend, Dan Bilzerian certainly did not forget to update the world with photos of his womanizing lifestyle via Instagram. First he shared one of him traveling with his groupies in a private jet with the caption, “Headed to Cabo for the weekend.” That might have been enough to make us jealous, but Bilzerian went on to post another image of him on Instagram, in the driver’s seat of an open beach vehicle with curvy women inside and on top of it! The caption was what caught our attention though. It read, “I’m guessing this thing will end up in the ocean by the end of the day.”

Dan Bilzerian Instagram Cabo Vacation

Photo: Instagram/danbilzerian

However, in between all the fun, the 35-year-old went on a serious Twitter rant too! He wrote, “Americans scared of terrorists need to stop being pussies, join the military if you want, but you’re 9X (times) more likely to die of an insect bite.” The message he wanted to put across was clear-cut, but a few may have misunderstood. The tweet got replies such as, “More likely to be shot by the local white kid tbf [sic],” and, “I agree man. We need to stop letting everyone walk all over our country because our ways offend them.”


One Twitter follower threw shade at Bilzerian for this saying, “says the guy who didn’t make the cut. Loser [sic].” This comment referred to the time Bilzerian, as a Navy veteran of four years, enrolled in the Navy SEAL program back in 2000 but could not graduate due to a “safety violation.” But the top comment was badass; one Twitter user shared a photo of himself in his uniform and wrote, “actually I did lol.”

Also, Bilzerian retweeted a post by actor Kellan Lutz that read, “Always wanted to get in a brawl with the MAN @danbilzerian.” Lutz is set to star in a film titled Extraction alongside Bruce Willis, which also features Bilzerian, ironically, as a CIA agent! Extraction is set for a December 18 release.


Image Source: Instagram/danbilzerian


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