In the much-loved TV drama This Is Us, a fire started by a faulty crock-pot spreads through the house and ends up killing Jack Pearson. This horrible incident brought a lot of attention to crock-pots in general, and people are having fun making crock-pot memes. We have 10 crock-pot memes that will definitely lighten your mood!

Right from the moment that viewers got to see Jack Pearson from This Is Us die in a fire started by a faulty crock-pot, the Internet is full of crock-pot memes that can only make you chuckle. People used their creativity and imagination to make countless memes that poke fun at crock-pots.

What Is a Crock-Pot?

A crock-pot, or slow cooker, is a countertop electrical cooking appliance used to simmer at a lower temperature than other cooking methods like boiling, baking, or frying. The advantage of using a crock-pot is that you can leave it cooking dishes unattended for a long time while doing other chores.

Popular in Several Countries

Common dishes made in crock-pots include soups, pot roast, stews, beverages, dips, and desserts. Crock-pots are used in several countries such as Canada, United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.


We searched the Internet and brought you some of the funniest crock-pot memes that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Read on and have a good laugh!

10 Hilarious Crock-Pot Memes

1) Paying the Price through Your Stomach!

2) Add-on Benefits of Crock-Pots

3) A Slip of the Ear

4) Defend Your Crock-Pot or Die Trying!


5) Everyone? Oprah for President!


6) Time to Take a Rain Check

7) Having the Last Laugh!

8) Timing Is Everything!


9) Never Take Chances

10) Try Figuring This One Out!

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