“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 3 Premiere: When Does “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Come Back?

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It has been a long time since we saw the hit TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and fans are excited for the newest season. With a cliffhanger ending last season, there is bound to be a lot of drama, and comical vengeance this time around. If you are among those waiting to watch the rom-com musical, then keep reading for details of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s season 3 premiere date and more!

Will Rebecca Bunch be able to get everything she ever wanted? The hopeless romantic brings out her comedic side in season 3 and a lot more comedy is added to the mix this season. A new kind of crazy is about to be unleashed, and our eyes are glued to her! If you are wondering when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes back, then you we have you covered. Read all about the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 3 release date right here!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Spoilers: Things You Want to Know! 

Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with every girl’s worst nightmare: Being left at the altar! Rebecca swore to take vengeance on Josh and the craziness has more fuel than ever. With a vengeful Rebecca on a new mission, Josh will learn a lot about what happens to a woman scorned.

Rebecca’s girlfriends are standing by her decision to bring Josh Chan down, but there are many things to consider here. Though there will be hesitations (expressed by Josh’s ex, Valencia), Rebecca will power through all while donning darker hair and a new look.

Josh choosing to become a priest instead of marrying her only adds to why this season is going to be one laugh riot. But is that what Rebecca is all about? Will her plot to ruin Josh keep her up at night? We think it could go either way, because she’s very good at helping people see their true selves.


“Rebecca comes in —we’ve always said that she’s a pebble in a pond and causes him, and everyone, to step outside of their comfort zone,” said Rachel Bloom, co-creator and lead actor on the show.

While everyone is wondering where Greg is after leaving at the beginning of the second season, Bloom says that his comeback will still be ambiguous for now. She was quick to say that Greg is a very important character in both Rebecca and Josh’s lives, and after he left to find himself, Josh might now have a green monster on his back!

One more thing that will be introduced this season are Paula’s parents from Buffalo, hopefully with more insight as to who Paula (and Rebecca) really is.


Revenge is sweet. #CrazyExGirlfriend premieres Friday, October 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Where and When You Can Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3

Get excited, because the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 3 premiere is tonight (October 13) —Friday the 13th, is that a vengeful coincidence?at 8:00 p.m EST only on The CW. You can also watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online and on Netflix starting October 14, 2017.

Here is a final sneak peek at season 3:

She has a plan to take down Josh Chan. #CrazyExGirlfriend returns Friday, October 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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