Many fans have been anticipating the reboot of the ‘90s sitcom Coach, complete with its original star Craig T. Nelson. Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a little longer, indefinitely maybe, because NBC has pulled the plug on the project.

The new show centered on Nelson’s character, Coach Hayden Fox, coming out of retirement to take on the role of assistant coach to his son (played by Andrew Ridings), who’s been hired to lead a startup football team at a prestigious Ivy League school.

The network already filmed the pilot and had even slated 13 episodes, but ultimately cancelled it because production reportedly wasn’t going as well as planned, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And because the producers weren’t feeling optimistic that the series would fare well, they decided it was better to can it now.


Although nothing more than the pilot episode had been shot, Deadline is reporting that Nelson, now 71, will still get a full paycheck for all 13 episodes. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast will only be compensated financially for the one episode that was filmed.

Although the Coach reboot was tanked, a few other revivals and spin-offs are still in the works, including Dallas on TNT, The X-Files for FOX, Fuller House (a spin-off of Full House) on Netflix, and Twin Peaks on Showtime.

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