American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee may have been able to salvage her marriage after she was caught kissing another man (her Smash director Michael Morris), but not all cheating scandals end that way.

Back in 2012, country singer Jason Aldean, 37, was caught kissing former NBA cheerleader Brittany Kerr at a bar—Kerr, now 25, also happened to be a contestant on American Idol. Aldean admitted that he “screwed up” after getting drunk and “let the party get out of hand.” He claimed it was a onetime deal and that was the end of it—but was it, really?

Brittany Kerr also acknowledged the cheating scandal via her publicist, saying that her actions were “not a representation of my true character, but a lapse in judgment on my part.” She apologized to everyone who was affected by her actions.


Aldean’s wife of almost 12 years, Jessica Ussery, still took him back, despite the scandal and media scrutiny surrounding their marriage. But her patience was short-lived, because in May 2013, the celebrity couple finally ended their marriage and filed for divorce.

Losing his wife—the mother of his two kids and the woman he was with since they were teenagers—must not have been too hard for Jason Aldean, because he’s now dating the younger mistress who came between them. Brittany Kerr was spotted at his show in Austin back in January 2014, and at his recent L.A. concert.

Aldean’s rep has confirmed that the celebrity couple is officially together now, but didn’t specify how long their May-December relationship has been going on. While there’s a chance that he reconnected with the mistress after his marriage ended, there’s probably a better chance that they had kept in touch, if not more, since that night at the bar. But we’ll never really know for sure.

What do you think: What would you do if you found that your ex-husband was now dating the younger woman he cheated on you with?



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