Cindy Crawford may be nearing 50, but when it comes to preserving a youthful appearance, no one pulls it off quite like she does. Of course,milestone maintaining a model figure and flawless skin doesn’t come without at least a bit of effort. Luckily for her fans, Crawford just shared a glimpse of how she does it.

You’ve probably heard time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so naturally it would help to see what celebrities like Cindy Crawford eat, right? Well, the former supermodel posted a photo of just that on her Instagram account. She accompanied the picture of the perfectly set table with the caption, “Room service! Best way to start the morning: poached eggs, avocado, strawberries and green tea [sic].”

Room service! Best way to start the morning: poached eggs, avocado, strawberries and green tea. ?•


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In addition to sharing her diet and fitness secrets on social media, Crawford has recently been very vocal about reaching her half-century milestone and has admitted that despite feeling more confident than ever, she still struggles with the notion of getting older. “At times the pressure to live up to the fashion industry’s expectations feels overwhelming,” Crawford revealed in her new book, Becoming.

That being said, Crawford says she deals with the inevitable changes that come with aging by trying to “live in the present moment.” She also reminds herself from the need to continuously evolve and show gratitude for everything she’s achieved, including a happy marriage, a soliaboutd relationship with her kids, and a career that, even today, continues to inspire her. It certainly sounds like we could all stand to learn a thing or two about her outlook on life.

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