Clown Purge on Halloween: Are Clowns Planning a Purge Night on Halloween?

Clown Purge on Halloween
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A rumor recently surfaced among teens via social media, that clowns are planning a purge night on Halloween. The terrorizing threat of “clown purge day before Halloween” is absolutely false. Refutation website, Snopes debunked the lie that Halloween 2016 will be a purge night for clowns. Here is everything you need to know about the false clown news, and where it came from.

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The Warning Message

The rumor was originally spread among teenagers, as a text message was passed around warning everyone to be careful on Halloween night! The Facebook page “Clown Hunters” also published a message on October 12 that said, “WARNING clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween. Stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked. Share this post with your family and friends!” Terrifying to say the least!

A Chain Reaction

Despite the signs that the message was a social media hoax, almost half a million users began sharing the post within the first two days of its appearance. Others reported receiving the warning from a text message or from social media.



Lacking Legitimacy

Most of the posts and shared warnings lacked details of where the information of obtained, whether the threat was local or widespread, how the clowns might organize themselves for the attack, and whether such a purge was even remotely possible to arrange. Despite the claims, no outbreak or widespread crime has since followed. Such claims give police officers extra work, but so far, the findings have proven this clown threat to be false. According to Snopes, “Unlike previous viral purge panics, we haven’t been able to find any indication that police in any jurisdiction have even bothered to address the clown purge rumors. During prior outbreaks of ‘purge’ scares, local police typically weighed in to either pledge a close watch or debunk the rumors.”

Considering there have been no assurances of the crime or official refutations from law enforcement sources, the clown purge rumor is certainly not one to take seriously. It is a complete hoax.

Where Did the Idea Originate?

The whole clown purge phenomenon was inspired by the context of the movie series The Purge, where people live in a future reality where they are allowed to indulge in any type of crime for 12 hours on one night, each year. Are the clowns of America going on a rampage of criminal passion? – Absolutely not. Breaking-and-entering, assault, and murder are all illegal and those who commit such crimes will receive their due penalty. The Purge is simply a movie series with fictitious and horrific storylines, which would never be acceptable or possible at such a level in present day society. So rest easy, trick-or-treaters of the world and enjoy Halloween to the fullest!



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