Clint Eastwood’s young estranged wife officially wants out of their 17-year marriage. Dina Ruiz, 48, has filed for legal separation from her famous 83-year-old husband. She also wants spousal support and is asking for physical custody of the celebrity couple’s teenage daughter, Morgan. With regards to their property and assets, it will be divided as per their “premarital agreement.” Ruiz’s lawyer refused to comment on whether or not the celebrity couple would be heading for a legal divorce.

Ruiz recently confirmed that she and Eastwood really hadn’t been together for a while, but she filed for legal separation after photos surfaced of Eastwood getting close to Ruiz’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife. So far, there has been no connection between Eastwood’s new younger woman, and the legal dissolution of his marriage.

Fortunately for Eastwood, the celebrity couple has a prenup in place, should their marriage end in divorce. Had they forgone a prenup, Ruiz would have been entitled to half of whatever Eastwood earned while they were married. That’s not saying that Ruiz won’t receive a hefty sum of money, but it reportedly won’t be enough to put a dent in Eastwood’s $375 million fortune.



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