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Claudia Sessa started her professional newscasting career in West Virginia and is on an upward trajectory in the industry. Now the young news anchor is moving on. Claudia Sessa is leaving 59News in March 2023. Questions from regular WVNS viewers naturally followed. They want to know where she is going next and if she already has a new job in the news business. They especially hope that she is staying in West Virginia. Find out what Claudia Sessa said about her departure from 59News here.

Claudia Sessa’s Education and Career

Claudia Sessa relocated to West Virginia from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism with minors in English and communication studies at West Virginia University. In college, she was part of the news team at U92 The Moose, WWVU-FM, including the WVU News’ website, interned at WPXN, and ran a lifestyle website.
After graduating in 2019, Sessa got her professional start under the Nexstar Media Group umbrella. She joined the 59 News team at WVNS-TV in Ghent as a weekend anchor and producer. Two and a half years later, she has been co-anchoring the morning newscast.

Claudia Sessa to Exit 59News

West Virginia has loved every minute of Claudia Sessa on 59News. From trying out professional wrestling and getting attacked by K9s for stories to her engagement, wedding, and adopting her furbabies, they have seen the different sides of the young journalist.

On March 1, the anchor made a statement in a social media post, announcing that she was saying farewell to WVNS-TV. Claudia Sessa is leaving 59News and expressed gratitude for her experiences and support.

Sessa’s last day on air at 59News is on Friday, March 3, at the 6:00 a.m. newscast. She has not revealed plans after signing off from the station.

“As for what’s next, I honestly don’t know and I’m fully ready to take this leap with all the support from my husband, my friends and family, and management,” Sessa wrote.

The anchor has not hinted if she is leaving West Virginia. Her ties to the local community are deep, and she is quite at home there. So, for now, you could run into the journalist in town.

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Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on Claudia Sessa’s social media pages for further updates. And don’t miss her last morning newscast on 59News.