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Another exciting yet dramatic episode of The Bachelor Winter Games aired on Thursday. Three people went back home, and Clare Crawley’s love triangle ended. After watching the episode, a lot of people are curious to learn about Clare Crawley. Given below are some facts from Clare Crawley’s wiki.

Things didn’t end well for three people on The Bachelor Winter Games. Rebecca, Jenny, and, Benoit bid adieu to the show last night. While Rebecca and Jenny were eliminated, Benoit decided to quit the show because Clare finally decided to end her love triangle with him and Christian.

Clare knows that Benoit is really into her, and although it is very hard, Clare tells him that she doesn’t have the same feelings for him. Poor Benoit is obviously heartbroken. He breaks down in tears and decides to leave the show.

Now that Benoit is out of the picture, viewers feel Christian has a chance, but apparently not. Christian is furious and keeps blaming her for standing him up in the hot tub.

Clare is a little upset with the way Christian speaks to her. She says that even if Christian asks her to stay, she won’t.

There is an actual Rose Ceremony, and the guys hand out roses to the ladies. Christian gives the rose to Clare, and of course, she stays! Hopefully, things will become better between the two.

We don’t know how long Clare will stay in the competition, but if you want to know more about the gorgeous lady, then keep on reading.

Clare Crawley’s Wiki

Born on February 8, 1982, Clare Crawley’s age is 36. She was born in Sacramento, California and has a sister named Lara Crawley.

Crawley is a hairstylist, which explains why her hair always looks so perfect!

A Part of The Bachelor Season 18

Clare Crawley was a part of season 18 of The Bachelor and is therefore quite aware of the show’s protocol. She, along with the other ladies, was vying for Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart.

Unfortunately, Clare was a runner-up on the show. She did win the viewers’ hearts, though, by telling Juan that he was very rude. Instead of giving him a chance to say anything, Clare walked away from the show with her head held high.

Clare was also a part of Bachelor In Paradise, where a lot of drama ensued. When she entered the show for the first time, she was insulted because she had hooked up with Juan Pablo in the ocean on The Bachelor. Clare couldn’t take it anymore and decided to quit the show.

The second time, Clare didn’t really gel with anybody either and decided not to be a part of the reality show ever again. However, Clare didn’t lose hope and is back on The Bachelor Winter Games to find love again.

Where Is Clare Crawley Working Now?

Clare seems to be quite focused when it comes to her profession. She is currently working as a hairstylist with Defacto Salon in Sacramento.

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Takes No Bulls**t from Men

In an interview, Clare revealed, “There were a couple times and a couple guys! I have a very low tolerance for bulls**t from men. … Especially in this moment, in this world, for women in general, it’s nice to be able to not put up with crap. And even on a friendship level or on a dating level, I don’t have tolerance for that from men. … There were a couple times where I got a little frustrated.”

Her Time on Bachelor Winter Games

Talking about her Bachelor Winter Games experience, Clare said, “It was way better than I thought it would be! Above and beyond. The thing that I really, really loved about this show was that there was no immature cattiness on it … a lot less stressful than the other shows.”

Clare further added, “I tried and I put energy into it and that’s a whole lot more than sitting on my couch and going … ‘I wish I maybe would have tried … what if?’ … I get to do something I’ve never done before, I get to go to a place I’ve never been … it actually was a really easy choice and I was excited to come.”

The hairstylist loves to discover new places, and she makes sure to upload photos of herself having a good time on social media. If you want to take a sneak peek into her life, then head over to Clare Crawley’s Instagram account.

And don’t forget to tune into The Bachelor Winter Games to see if she finally finds love!