Photo: Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

Ciara and Revlon have officially teamed up! Her connection with the cosmetics giant is binding, now that she has been appointed it’s brand ambassador. Ciara has already been a consumer of their products for years, so advertising for them and promoting their products will be a cakewalk for her!

It’s just been announced that singer-songwriter, Ciara is the new spokeswoman for Revlon! 2016 has been a fantastic year for Ciara, so far. She got engaged, married, and then signed a modeling contract with IMG! Just when everyone was wondering what Ciara could do to top this, comes the news that she is the new face of Revlon!

Connected Before Birth

Getting this opportunity is a dream come true for Ciara. She has a connection with the Revlon brand for her entire life, literally! In an interview with People, Ciara revealed that her mother actually named her after one of Revlon’s fragrances!  She explained, “My mom was trying to figure out my name when my dad bought her a fragrance called Ciara by Revlon. That’s where my name came from! Ever since I understood that, my mind has been on it.” Now her dream has come true and she will represent Revlon all over the world. Talk about destiny!

Love in Real Life, Too

As Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassador, Ciara will be the face of the “Choose Love” campaign, which is part of the brand’s larger “Love is On” platform, which was launched in 2014. This campaign focuses on love and all it’s positive attributes and possibilities. Ciara is very excited to be part of this campaign because she’s got a very similar situation going on in her personal life, ever since she married Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson in July 2016. Love is on her brain, and will soon be written all over her face for this campaign, literally!

The Face of Revlon

Ciara will appear in Revlon’s color cosmetics ads and spread it’s message all over the world, as part of Revlon’s advertising efforts. It’s a cinch for Ciara, since she already uses (and has always used) most Revlon products, including the brow pencils and creme eye shadow. “Having the right brow shape — and having your brows stay in place throughout the day — is crucial,” she says. She calls Revlon’s brow pencils a “game changer.”

Happy Partnership

Ciara and Revlon appear to be made for each other! Both parties are happy to be embarking on this new partnership, and Ciara couldn’t be happier to be the new face of Revlon. “It’s an exciting thing because, you know, it’s bigger than the makeup. They take it a step further by using the platform to help make a difference,” she explains. Get ready to see Ciara in all the new Revlon advertisements, and always remember to “Choose Love.” Way to go, Ciara!