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If you have heard the news lately, then you must be feeling pretty sad about what happened over the weekend. As the whole country is stunned by the shooting massacre in a night club in Orlando, we are also appalled by hearing the news of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie’s death. Within hours after the singer was murdered last Saturday, we all found about the person who killed Christina Grimmie. If you haven’t heard about the gunman’s identity, then you should know that it a guy named Kevin James Loibl and he shot Christina Grimmie dead after her concert.

News about Christina Grimmie’s death shocked the entire world, and Hollywood celebrities shared their condolences on social media. The Orlando police arrested Christina Grimmie’s killer. Kevin Loibl, and they have revealed some very shocking facts about him. Take a look at these photos and facts about Kevin Loibl to know more about Christina Grimmie’s murderer.

5 Facts & Photos of Kevin Loibl

Who Is Kevin Loibl?

Who is Kevin Loibl

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According to the reports from Orlando’s police department, Kevin James Loibl is the arrested gunman who murdered The Voice singer Christina Grimmie on June 11. Kevin Loibl was a 27-year-old guy with no criminal record prior to this, and had been living with his family in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Why Did Loibl Kill Grimmie?

Why Did Loibl Kill Christina

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As of this moment, the police haven’t revealed if Loibl stated his motive for killing The Voice star. As far as the updates on news about Christina Grimmie’s death are considered, we now know that Kevin Loibl had fired about six shots at the 22-year-old singer. Christina Grimmie was having an autograph-signing session with her fans when shots were fired. Witnesses escaped in panic. Reports have revealed that Loibl drove over 100 miles to get to Grimmie’s concert in Orlando and was armed with two guns and a hunting knife.

Loibl’s Family

Loibl's Family

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After this gruesome incident came to light, media from all parts of the country flew down to St. Petersburg to meet Loibl’s family. But, for the entire time they were there, Kevin Loibl’s family kept their house door shut and did not interact with the journalists. When asked if they know who shot Christina Grimmie, there was no reply from Loibl’s family. As a way of communicating to the world about Christina Grimmie’s death, they stuck a note on their wall that said, “Deepest sorrow for lost to the Family, Friends, & Fans of the Very talented, loving Christina Grimmie [sic],” and they ended their message with “No other commets [sic].”


Kevin Loibl’s Social Presence

Kevin James Loibl was not a registered voter and had no presence on social media. His neighbors in St. Petersburg say that Kevin’s father was a nice person and the Loibls were very helpful neighbors. However, there are not many who interacted with Kevin. After the initial investigations, it was found that Kevin James Loibl did not have a Facebook profile nor was he a member of any other social media platform.


Christina Grimmie & Kevin Loibl

Christina Grimmie Tweet

The two are not related to each other, and some of the reports allege that Loibl was not a fan of the The Voice star. However, witnesses say that when Christina Grimmie met Loibl at the Orlando venue, she embraced him like she did all of her fans.

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