61-year-old supermodel Christie Brinkley recently released her book, Timeless Beauty for which she has received tremendous appreciation. Therefore, taking some well deserved time off, the mother of three is spending some time with her adorable pup!

Posting a photo of her canine, Brinkley wrote, “Hitting the “Paws button”.. Time to chill with Chester [sic].” How punny! Fans were pleasantly surprised with the photo, as they left several comments indicating just that on her various social media accounts. On Instagram they wrote, “Caught me by surprise and made me laugh. These guys own the world!” and, “I see that smile! And please post a Christie Cappuccino soon! Stay warm y’all! [sic].”

On Facebook however, there was one user who seemed to be a bigger fan of Brinkley’s pup than the former Sports Illustrated model herself! In all capitals they wrote, “Chester sweetheart!!!! I’ve missed seeing that adorable face of yours!!!! My gosh Christie, I just love his sweet face! [sic].”


They’re not wrong as it has been a while since Brinkley posted anything about her dogs. The last post came on December 20 last year and featured Chester along with Maple sporting Christmas sweaters! The caption read, “I think they look cute, but they want ugly Christmas sweaters now! Lol! [sic].” What’s more interesting is that the two canines also feature in Brinkley’s Timeless Beauty in several chapters on food, exercise and Q&A. Funnily enough, Brinkley revealed, “Chester even got into the hair and make up chapters!”

Christie Brinkley Timeless Beauty Age 61 Dogs Chester Maple Book Signing

Image Source: Facebook/Christie Brinkley

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