Chris Weidman may be hardcore in the Octagon, but the reigning UFC middleweight champion is a huge softie when it comes to his family. Weidman, 31, and his wife, Marivi, welcomed their third child a couple weeks ago, and the athlete took to Instagram to share his love and admiration for the mother of three.

Weidman posted a beautiful portrait of his wife cradling their newborn baby, along with a lengthy caption praising her for carrying their new son for nine months, and then being “a slave to his eating habits” and taking care of him all day and night. Weidman also extended his admiration to all women who breastfeed, noting that it’s “a huge responsibility,” one that he’s grateful not to have to worry about.

The UFC fighter has been receiving plenty of comments on the post, almost all of which are praising him for respecting his wife (and women) so much. For instance, one follower called him “a champ in and out of [the] ring,” while another noted, “It’s not often men say that stuff! Good job!”


It’s hard to tell what’s more heartwarming—this picture or the one he posted just before it of him passed out on the couch while watching a movie with his three kids.

Not surprisingly, most of the pictures Chris Weidman shares on Instagram are of his family, especially his kids. Whether he’s helping his older son master his first pull up, sending the kids off on their first day of school, or enjoying a family day in the pool, Weidman clearly proves that he’s not only the ultimate fighter, but also the ultimate husband and dad.

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