There’s a special anniversary for President Donald Trump coming up: his first 100 days in office! We can’t believe it’s been that long already, but here we are. The commander in chief has been controversial in many of his decisions since before he was sworn in, leaving many to wonder what’s next. On Thursday, Fox News podcast host, Chris Stirewalt gave a breakdown of Trump’s first 100 days, and his take on politics in America in general. Now, many are looking for details on the man, including Chris Stirewalt’s marriage and more. Learn all about the Fox News host, right here in our Chris Stirewalt wiki.

Chris Stirewalt’s Age and Early Life

Chris Stirewalt, 45, is a political editor and host, who was born in West Virginia. According to his LinkedIn account, he attended the The Whitfield School and The Linsly School, a boarding and day school in West Virginia. He graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia in 1997.

Chris Stirewalt’s Net Worth

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt‘s net worth is unknown, but it’s believed that he makes at least six figures. We know what you’re thinking, and no, he’s not being fired. He started working for Fox News Channel in July 2010 and serves as a political editor based in Washington, D.C. According to his Fox News profile, he authors the daily Fox News Halftime Report and co-hosts his hit podcast, Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What. The show stars Dena Perino and Chris Stirewalt, of course. Stirewalt continues to make appearances on other political programs, giving his expertise on current events that relate to politics. And as we all know, in D.C., all roads lead to politics. He also gives his political expert analysis on congressional and presidential elections, as well as state affairs.

Before he joined the ranks of Fox News, he was a political editor for the Washington Examiner from 2007 to 2010, a political editor for West Virginia Media from 2004 to 2007, and he worked for the Charleston Daily Mail from 1998 to 2004.


Is Chris Stirewalt Married?

Is Chris Stirewalt married? A simpler question would be to ask about nuclear launch codes. Other than an Instagram page that seems to have more dust than an attic, Chris Stirewalt’s wife (or girlfriend) is a mystery. He’s done a great job of keeping his private life a secret, and he’s more active on Twitter as a form of social media. That’s at least one thing he and the president have in common!

Trump’s 100-Day Study Session

Who says cramming is just for kids? Sometimes adults need to cram too, especially when politics is the subject! Somewhere down the line, politics became the new math: Memorize what you need and pray you get a passing grade! It makes people cry, it starts fights and there’s usually a few things you don’t understand. Thankfully, for the politically impaired, Stirewalt gave something much more useful than details on his love life—a 100-day cheat sheet! On the Fox News website, the political expert lays out everything you need to know about the president’s agenda for his first 100 days, which falls on Saturday. So, if you’re looking to be more informed on all thing Trump-related, we suggest you take a listen to what Mr. Stirewalt has to say!

The Simpsons gave their own take on Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office and, needless to say, it’s freaking hysterical. Check out the clip below!

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