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Late Navy SEAL veteran Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya Kyle, will be speaking at McMahon Auditorium on September 8, 2017. She will discuss her life both as a military spouse and widow after Chris Kyle’s death. If you are wondering who Chris Kyle’s wife is, then take a look at our Taya Kyle wiki.

It is not easy being a soldier’s wife. A soldier’s unit becomes their family, and the family they leave behind has to sacrifice a lot of their spouse. There is always a level of uncertainty as to whether or not a soldier will come home safe and sound after being deployed. 

Taya Kyle went through the same ordeal whenever her husband was deployed. Her worries came to an end when her husband, sniper Chris Kyle, retired from the U.S. Navy in 2009. However, just four years later, Chris was shot by 25-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Eddie Ray Routh. Kyle and her family’s lives changed instantly, making her a widow at the age of 38.

Taya Kyle’s Wiki

Born Taya Renae Studebaker in Portland, Oregon to Kent and Kim Studebaker on September 4, 1974, Taya Kyle’s age is 43. Kent Studebaker is currently the Mayor of Lake Oswego, Oregon. She has an elder sister named Ashley Brittell and the two spent their childhood in the Gladstone area, before moving to Lake Oswego.

Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle’s Love Story

In 2001, Chris met Taya at a bar in San Diego. In his book, Chris wrote about the day they met. “My first impression was that she was beautiful, even if she looked [ticked] off about something.” He further added, “I sensed right away she was someone who could keep up with me.” Taya and Chris got married in 2002, right before his first deployment to Iraq. The couple went on to have two children: a son named Colto, and a daughter named McKenna.

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In an interview, Taya spoke about their marriage and her fear for Chris while he fought. She admitted that their marriage reached a point where she was both angry and sad because Chris was not around. She gave him an ultimatum saying, “I will respect what you need to do, but since you are never home anyway, I and the children are leaving to live with my family if you decide to re-enlist.” She explained her reasoning saying, “I had changed as a woman, and we were going in entirely different directions. I knew he loved me, but not as much as he loved being a SEAL.”

Chris decided to give up his military career and, in an interview, stated how his wife and family meant the world to him. He wanted to get to know his kids better and be around while they grew up. After his retirement in 2012, Harper Collins published Chris Kyle’s autobiography, American Sniper.

Chris Kyle’s Death

In 2013, Taya and her family’s lives changed when her husband was shot. On February 2, 2013, Chris and his friend, Chad Littlefield were shot by U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Eddie Ray Routh at a shooting range in Texas. Upon hearing the news. Taya’s parents flew down to Texas to be with their daughter and grandchildren. In an interview, Kent Studebaker said, “It’s tough. I don’t know what to say… Chris was not just a national hero but a husband and father. He was very loved.”

Life after Chris Kyle’s Death

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After Chris’ death, Taya continued to be strong for her children. She has since given several speeches about Chris’ service and problems that veterans face. She also appeared on networks like CNN. Additionally, Taya Kyle is an advocate for people who have lost family members while serving for the country.

In 2014, she started the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation as a way to “serve those who serve us by providing meaningful interactive experiences that enrich family relationships.” 

In 2014, Clint Eastwood directed American Sniper, which is based on the novel Chris Kyle wrote, which Taya was involved in. The following year, Taya released an autobiography, which was co-authored by Jim DeFelice, American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal. In 2016, it was revealed that Taya Kyle was going to be a contributor for Fox News, and she endorsed Rick Perry, and later Ted Cruz in the election.