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Chris Krolow is the prolific self-made host of the hit HGTV show, Island Hunters (2013-present), which is one of many spinoffs of another popular HGTV program called House Hunters (1999-present). With all the selling of islands he does, you’ve got to wonder what Chris Krolow’s net worth looks like! While the show is another hit for HGTV, many are looking to learn more about its host, and we’ve got what you need in our Chris Krolow wiki!

Chris Krolow of Island Hunters has a passion for real estate; and not just any real estate! He has a knack for helping people find their own dream island oasis, and they often come with a pretty hefty price tag. But can you really put a price tag on paradise?

As the host of the show, fans are falling in love with Chris. He has great expertise on finding the right island, as he’s spent over 20 years building up an inventory of over 700 of them. If there’s an island you’re looking to buy, he’s the man to help you do it!

Young & Successful

Not much is known about his private life outside of the show. However, there’s certainly something to be said about the fact that at such a young age, he’s been able to achieve such massive success; not just in the realm of reality TV, but also through his first true passion: island real estate. Given the fact that a lot of his fellow HGTV hosts seem to have a penchant for attracting a great deal of controversy and scandal, perhaps it’s a good thing that the young entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Private Islands Inc. and publisher of the biannual magazine, Private Islands, keeps his personal life private. Unfortunately for fans, it makes him seem a little bit aloof and his elusive off-screen persona doesn’t quite gel with his lighthearted on-screen image. Of course, no Chris Krolow wiki would be complete without at least attempting to answer some of the most pressing questions about him, so keep reading to find out more!

Is Chris Krolow Gay?

One question that’s been burning on the tip of everyone’s tongue has to do with Chris Krolow’s sexuality. As with a lot of celebrities out there, people seem to be obsessed with finding out whether or not Chris Krolow is gay. The truth is that it’s hard to know for sure because the reality TV star never really discusses his personal life on camera and he’s managed to keep his private matters on the down-low. He mostly talks about his real estate ventures and his two interrelated businesses. Although, he is very popular on gay blogospheres, so it’s definitely possible! Even Chris Krolow’s age is unknown! It’s actually admirable how much he’s been able to keep his private life under wraps considering how insanely popular the show is, especially since season four kicked off with a gay couple looking to purchase their own island paradise in Tahiti.

Another question most fans are dying to know the answer to is whether Chris Krolow is married or not. Like the speculations regarding his sexuality, though, Chris Krolow has managed to keep this information completely out of the public domain.

What We DO Know about Chris Krolow:

He Owns Three Different Islands!

After all, what kind of passionate island realtor would he be if he didn’t buy a few islands of his own? In case you’re wondering, Chris Krolow owns one island in Fiji and two in Ontario, Canada.

His Favorite Island is the One He Owns in Georgian Bay, Ontario

Chris is a native Torontonian with two enterprises to run and an increasingly popular TV show to produce/host, so his relaxation time is very precious and limited. Despite the fact that he owns a beautiful island in Fiji, it’s also a 14-hour flight away, which means he’s only able to get out there about once or twice a year, if he’s lucky. The island in Georgian Bay is only a two-hour drive away from where he lives and it provides just the right level of remoteness and tranquility that Chris desires, without involving a long-haul flight.

He’s Incredibly Business Savvy

When the market took a major downturn in the mid-2000s, Chris Krolow’s business was hit hard. To help keep his head above water and hopefully turn things around in his favor, he continued plowing through the noise until the island real estate market began to level itself out again. Well, it looks like it was a good decision as Chris Krolow’s salary likely got a boost! 

He’s a Charismatic SharpShooter

As is evidenced on Island Hunters, Chris Krolow holds almost nothing back when it comes to cracking hilarious jokes. He’s even made a few lighthearted sexual innuendos here and there! We’ll never know how he managed to slip them in (if you know what we mean) on a family-friendly show, but he does, and viewers just eat it up! When asked what some of the biggest misconceptions about island realty the media perpetuates are, he straight-up responded that they overzealously misrepresent the number of celebrities who actually own islands, in order to make it seem like an elite market.

He Wholeheartedly Believes You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Own an Island

Chris has stated numerous times that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to be a billionaire to purchase your own private island! Even someone who’s upper-middle class can purchase a small island for approximately a few thousand dollars if they were so inclined. Of course, there’s a lot of fine print involved, permits that must be acquired depending on where the island is and whether you’re planning on developing the island, and other specific stipulations. He explains all of these things to his clients in detail.

You Can Rent Chris Krolow’s Private Island!

Availability is limited and not guaranteed, so you’d obviously have to place your reservation in advance. But how cool is it that you can actually rent the island owned by the island realty expert himself? For information, just click here!