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About Mariah DelPercio
Age28 Years
BirthJanuary 22, 1996 Delaware
SpouseChris Godwin (2021-Present)
SiblingsVincent DelPercio, Anthony DelPercio
ParentsMark DelPercio (Father), Nichol DelPercio (Mother)
JobFitness coach
OwnsTeam Godwin Foundation
AlumniMiddletown High School, Penn State University

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chris Godwin is back to his peak form after the knee injury he suffered last year. Without question, his wife was an integral part of his successful recuperation. Chris Godwin’s wife, Mariah DelPercio, is a sports dietician and fitness coach. DelPercio has had her own connection to football since childhood. Bucs Nation is really curious about the high school sweethearts, and they look up to them as relationship role models. Get to know more about the NFL player’s wife in this Mariah DelPercio wiki.

Mariah DelPercio’s Family

Mariah DelPercio was born on January 22, 1996, to Mark and Nichol DelPercio. She grew up in a football family in Delaware alongside her brothers, Vincent DelPercio and Anthony DelPercio. Her dad is a former football coach of the Middletown Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers have won multiple state football championships with DelPercio’s guidance. He also coached his two sons when they were on the Middletown High varsity team. It’s interesting to note that Chris Godwin’s Middletown High School coach was none other than Vincent DelPercio.

Mariah DelPercio’s Education and Career

Mariah DelPercio attended Middletown High School until 2014. Being raised in an athletic family, her passion for sports and wellness blossomed naturally. So, she studied sports nutrition and exercise science at Penn State University and graduated in 2018.

When Chris Godwin got drafted to Tampa in 2018, DelPercio also moved to Tampa and began volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. There she discovered her passion for animal rescue, which led to the formation of Team Godwin Foundation (TGF).

Chris Godwin and his wife are the founders of TGF, which works for at-risk animals through advocacy and financial support. The couple has Team Godwin active lifestyle apparel brand, too.


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Mariah DelPercio also works as a personal trainer and routinely uploads photos of her workouts on social media. She was also the one who supported Godwin after he sustained an ACL tear in 2021.

Chris Godwin was so devasted and heartbroken by his injury that seeing him like this made DelPercio sick. She made sure to provide proper nutrients to her husband to be back better than ever in 2022.

Mariah DelPercio and Chris Godwin’s Relationship

Mariah DelPercio and Chris Godwin have known each other since high school. While expressing his feelings on Instagram, the footballer says, “Coming up on 11 years since I met my best friend! Every day since freshman year of high school, when we were up & when we were down, you’ve been by my side. We push each other to be better & we support each other no matter what. There’s no better way to spend the rest of my life than with you!”

The couple has been dating for decades and got engaged in March 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa. They got married on May 8, 2021.

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The Super Bowl victory video of Chris Godwin and his wife went viral in 2021. DelPercio came running down to the field to greet the footballer. And this heartfelt moment was one of the top trending videos on Twitter that day.