Chris Evans obviously has a bone to pick with ESPN about their take on football. After the New England Patriots impressively defeated the New York Giants with literally a second to spare in last night’s game, Evans sent the network the following message via Twitter: “Hey all you Patriot haters at ESPN I hope you’re enjoying this season. I’d love to call you out individually, but that’s not the Patriot way. [sic]”

Like many other Patriots fans, Evans was relishing in the team’s dramatic win. The Giants were in the lead with less than two minutes left in the game. But after Tom Brady made a great pass in the final drive, Stephen Gostowski was able to kick a 54-yard field goal, that too with only a second left on the clock, giving the Patriots their one-point win—the final score was 27-26 for the Patriots.

Chris Evans’ jab at ESPN probably has a little more to do with their performance so far this season than just their last win—the New England Patriots have won all of their games so far, making them one of only two teams to have a perfect track record. (The Carolina Panthers is the other team.)


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Evans isn’t the only one who’s called out ESPN specifically with regards to their biased coverage of the Patriots—the network has been blasted in the past for always appearing to have some sort of an anti-Patriots agenda in their reports. As put it earlier this year, it’s like the team has become a “nationwide villain,” especially after the “Deflategate” scandal, and ESPN is just milking that factor in order to appeal to the masses.

Whether or not that’s true, Chris Evans and the millions of other Patriots fans are going to do everything they can to bask in the glory of their successful season, even if that means taking a shot at ESPN in the process.

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