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Seattle is abuzz with a rumor that one of its longtime anchors is leaving KING 5. Chris Daniels has been responsible for some of Emerald City’s ground-breaking coverage for decades, especially Seattle sports. So rumors of Chris Daniels leaving KING 5 are gaining traction on social media. Is Chris Daniels leaving the NBC affiliate or retiring from broadcasting altogether? Where is he going next? Here’s the latest update on the KING 5 lineup.

Chris Daniels Exits KING 5

Washington State alum Chris Daniels was a reporter and anchor in Idaho and Michigan before moving to Seattle, Washington. September 2020 marked the anniversary of his start in Seattle news.

Daniels started at Fox 13 from 2000 to 2003 before joining KING 5. The award-winning chief reporter and anchor has covered local, regional, and national news, including politics, business, and sports. He’s covered the Sochi and Vancouver Olympics.

Recently, Daniels was part of the team that produced the KING 5 documentary, 32 Days: On the Road with the Seattle Kraken. The documentary won the team and Daniels an Emmy in June 2022.

With Seattle as one of the host cities of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Daniels is now staying on top of the KING 5 coverage. With so much more to come in Seattle sports, there’s no stopping this veteran journalist.

Chris Daniels announced that June 17 was his last day on-air at KING 5. He hinted he had accepted a new job that he will be transitioning into.

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However, Daniels hasn’t yet revealed what his next job is. So keep an eye on his social media for the next update. He did mention that he will continue to reside and work in Seattle. Fans can rest easy knowing that Chris Daniels will be back soon.