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It is a shame that another Grunge rock icon Chris Cornell passed away at the age of 52. Chris Cornell was the fourth Grunge rock icon, who has left the world. The other Grunge rock icons to join the list are Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley.

The world lost another grunge icon of the music industry. In case, you are not aware, Chris Cornell died on Wednesday night. He was the fourth grunge icon who passed away. Now the only gem this world has is Eddie Vedder. Eddie is an American musician, songwriter and is also the member of the grunge band Pearl Jam. Most of the grunge icons died due to an accidental overdose of drugs, except for Chris Cornell, his cause of death is still unknown. Given below are the four beloved grunge icons who passed away and are now in a better place.

Chris Cornell Dead

The lead singer of the group Soundgarden, Singer Chris Cornell died on May 17, 2017. Chris was on a music tour and as per reports, he passed away after his performance with his group in Detroit. Besides being the lead singer of Soundgarden, Chris has earned fame and money by being a frontman for another famous rock band, known as, Audioslave. Additionally, Chris was also a part of the Temple of the Dog.

Chris’ representative, Brian Bumbery explained, that Chris died on Wednesday night. Brian described his death to be sudden and unexpected. His wife and family are stunned about the news of his death and are determined to work closely with the medical investigator to find out the cause of his death. At this time, his family has asked for privacy from the media. The cause of his death is still not revealed. Although in the past, Chris had an addiction problem, in an interview, he had revealed that he overcame his alcohol addiction. So it is highly unlikely that Chris died due to an overdose.

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Scott Weiland’s Death

Scott Weiland was another grunge music icon. He was the lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots and for a brief period, Scott was also a part of the supergroup, Velvet Revolver. On December 3, 2015, Scott was discovered dead on his tour bus, in Bloomington, Minnesota. He died right before he and his band were supposed to go on stage. Scott Weiland was only 48-years-old when he died. Upon searching, Scott’s tour bus, the cops did find a small amount of cocaine in the bedroom where Scott was found dead. Additionally, the cops also discovered various prescription drugs like Viagra, sleeping pills, Buprenorphine, Xanax and Ziprasidone. Also, two bags of cocaine and a bag of green leafy material was found on the bus. The medical examiner stated that Scott possibly died due to an accidental overdose of cocaine, MDA. They also said in the report about his history of having asthma, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and also substance abuse.

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Layne Staley’s Death

Layne Staley was the lead singer of the band Alice in Chains. Layne was born on August 22, 1967 and he died at a very young age of 34. On April 5, 2002, Layne was discovered dead in his Seattle apartment. Layne’s mother had not heard from Layne for almost two weeks. She called up the police and together they went to his apartment only to discover Layne’s dead body. Tests had to be done to identify the body because it had started to decompose. In his apartment, near his body a small stash of cocaine was discovered and also two crack pipes were found on the table. It is reported that when his body was found, Layne only weighed 86 pounds. The medical examiner stated the cause of his death to be a mix of heroin and cocaine. After his death, cops did not reveal details about the reason behind his death. The only thing which they said was it was maybe due to overdose, or it was natural.

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Kurt Cobain’s Death

American musician, poet and singer was a part of the famous Nirvana. Kurt passed away at the age of 27 on April 5, 1994, in Seattle, Washington. It has been said that during his last days, Kurt was struggling with heroin addiction and was in depression. He reached a point in his life wherein, he was not able to handle the fame and also the personal pressure in his life. Kurt Cobain was married to musician Courtney Love, until his death.

It was not a surprise that Kurt was suicidal, many times his wife had to call up the authorities to inform him that Kurt was suicidal. In fact, there was this one time, when Kurt locked himself in the room with a gun. When the authorities asked him the reason for it, he said he was not suicidal but he was hiding from his wife.

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Kurt even went to a rehab to work on his addiction problem. However, one night, without informing anybody he just left the facility. It has been said that Kurt killed himself with a shotgun on April 5, 1994 in his home. However, Kurt’s body was found by his electrician after two days. The autopsy report revealed that high amount of drugs like heroin and valium were found in his body. However, his friend, Krist Novoselic, denied the fact, that drugs had something to do with his suicide. He revealed that Kurt was clinically depressed. Kurt even left a suicide note, which said, “Please keep going Courtney for Francis.” Francis is Kurt and Courtney’s daughter. He further added, “For her life will be so much happier without me. I love you. I love you.” Although, officially it was declared that Kurt had committed suicide, but a private investigator, Tom Grant who was hired by his wife, Courtney, believes that Kurt was murdered. Countless movies and documentaries have questioned his belief.