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Chris Brown fans are thrilled about the release of his newest album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. It contains a whopping 45 new tracks to make your holidays a whole lot better! If you were wondering what the album is all about, then sit back and keep reading. We have the top 10 Chris Brown lyrics that will have you clicking “download” faster than mending a broken heart. 

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship has always been the talk of the town. And now, the much-awaited Heartbreak on a Full Moon album is released! The new tracks are digitally available from today, and the physical tracks will be available from November 3, 2017.

Last day to pre-order #HeartbreakOnAFullMoon! Album available tomorrow! Link in bio ?? ??

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Is it possible that Brown is hinting at his troubled past with love? Let’s pretend it is, because the lyrics in Chris Brown’s new album sure suggest a lot about the emotional roller-coaster with a certain fiery lover!

Here are 10 tracks that just oozed “heartbreak” to us. And, if you’re currently going through a breakup of your own, this might be the album you want to pick up next!

Check out some of the heart-wrenching lyrics to some of Chris Brown’s new songs below!

#1. “Lost and Found”

Oh, up and down, back and fourth, all around

Oh, tell me who’s really losing out (yeah tell me who’s really losing out)

‘Cause you say it’s the end and playing games again, I found

#2. “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”

Lady, I done told you

Show you spark you lost so

Baby, don’t go, stay here, don’t go

‘Til the sun comes, I need you

#3. “Roses”

You deserve, you deserve roses and you know this

You deserve roses, girl, I made some mistakes, time to change,

But you wanna hold, hold this s**t over my head, yeah

#4. “Everybody Knows”

You don’t know how I feel

Since you’ve been gone

Easy fall, I should’ve let go

‘Cause everybody knows about you

#5. “This Ain’t”

Girl, it just don’t feel the same, wish I could go back in time

Seems like every time I say your name, I just wanna press rewind

#6. “No Exit”

So don’t be worried by my ex chick, I know that you heard them stories (no, stories)

‘Bout all them games we use to play, but that ain’t me now, I’m different, babe (I’m different, babe)

#7. “Hurt the Same”

I try to think away and navigate

But you steady throwing shade on my name

While I’m taking all the blame

We both messed up and going separate ways

#8. “Nowhere”

I wish I could forget you, wouldn’t that be nice?

Would that remind me of the wrongs we couldn’t right?

Girl, say your peace, girl, wish you’d a been right

#9. “Enemy”

Waking up to my high, empty place (I’m all alone)

Messages in my phone, telling me that you’re gone

Didn’t even give me one chance to explain (tell me why)

I guess it didn’t matter at all, matter at all (yeah, I know I f****d up, baby)

#10. “Even”

You packed up your bags and said you were leaving

You found a new man and said we were even now

Even now

It’s funny how everything seems to even out

Even now