It may only be the middle of November, but some people are already thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, and celebrities are no exceptions. Rapper Chris Brown shared his objective to fans via Instagram. The 26-year-old posted a photo of himself with a cigarette in his mouth and wrote, “#konfuzed I’m quitting smoking for my New Years resolution! Horrible habit. Dats dat bullshit [sic].”

Over 190,000 of Brown’s fans heaved a sigh of relief and congratulated him on this decision. They wrote, “Yeah, just quit, it’s a cheap lifestyle for your status,” and, “Good for you, it’s not healthy, plus you could damage your voice, and I hope you’re not smoking around Royalty!! Mad love for you Breezy! [sic]” However, another follower pointed out that he had said the same thing last year as well, and added, “BUT PLEASE.”



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However, the Grammy winner is a new father to a baby girl named Royalty, and has perhaps since realized that his responsibilities have changed. After a long custody battle with Royalty’s mother, and after accusations of being addicted to “Sizzurp” (cough syrup), Brown seems to be getting his act together. Last month he came to a mature agreement of raising his daughter jointly with her mother, and is even dropping a new album on November 27. What’s more, this new project is named after his little one, and the album cover features an intimate photo of Royalty sleeping soundly nestled in her father’s neck.

Meanwhile, one can see how much of a doting father and dedicated worker Brown has become just by looking through his Instagram page. He regularly posts photos of his daughter and how the two spend time together, along with those of himself in the studio where he is seen recording songs or making music videos.

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Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2015, Disney ABC Television Group

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