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Topshop heiress Chloe Green has thrown caution to the wind and was seen in a major make out session with her rumored beau, Jeremy Meeks. She posted hot pics of her and Meeks on Instagram account only to delete the account later. Since Meeks is a convicted felon, it is unlikely that Philip Green will approve of this match.

It seems that Chloe Green and Jeremy Meeks can’t keep their hands off each other! How else would you explain the major PDA going on between the two as they cruised the Mediterranean sea on a luxury yacht just off the beautiful coast of Turkey? Green shared a pic of herself and Meeks on Instagram, but now it seems as though she deleted her account. In the photo, Green is seen with Meeks and his manager Jim Jordan, with the caption, “Just the beginning…we appreciate all the love and the hate.” After seeing the pictures, people want to know more about her, so we have details from Chloe Green’s wiki.

Who is Chloe Green?

Chloe Green is the daughter of British billionaire Sir Philip Green who is the owner of a string of retailers including Topshop and Topman. He is also the chairman of the retail company Arcadia Group, and his daughter is the Topshop heiress. Philip Green is a very wealthy person with an estimated net worth of around $5.1 billion, according to Forbes. He is reportedly very protective of his daughter and does not like the recent news about her daughter. Especially considering that Meeks and his wife might still be legally married. A source told The Sun, “Sir Philip is very protective and will likely be concerned his daughter is getting close to a married former gangster.” However, Chloe Green’s age is 26, and she is used to making her own decisions about her life.

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An Eventful Love Life

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Green came into the public eye when she took part in the reality television show Made in Chelsea. Though she was on the second season for only a few episodes, she made quite a name for herself. At the time, Green was dating Ollie Locke, and there was an enormous amount of tension between her and Locke’s former girlfriend Gabriella, whom Locke broke up with after realizing his attraction to men. Before this, Green had a serious relationship with musician Marc Anthony when she was just 22, and he was 45. She even met Anthony’s two children. However, the distance between them hampered on their relationship, and they broke up after a year together.

Bad Boy in the House

Chloe Green’s net worth is not currently known but considering that her father is a billionaire, money is the least of her worries. Perhaps this is the reason why she has no qualms about painting the town red with her rumored beau, Jeremy Meeks. He is best known as the “hot mugshot guy” and the “world’s hottest felon” and is the current face of Phillipp Plein. A source claims, “Chloe seems quite taken with Jeremy, and who can blame her? He’s seen as one of the sexiest guys on the celebrity social circuit and has a story or two to tell about his colorful past.” The problem is that Meeks is allegedly still married to his wife, Melissa, with whom he has children.

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Papa Don’t Preach

Fans who want to see Chloe Green’s hot pics can definitely find them online. Chloe Green’s Instagram account has been deleted, so they can no longer be found there. It looks like Papa Green has a big problem on his hands with his daughter spending time with a person whose reputation is a bit unsavory. Green doesn’t seem to be bothered about that though. As the pics show, she is lost in her own world with Meeks.

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