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It looks like things are still “boomin” for Pittsburgh Steelers star, Antonio Brown, especially now that the 28-year-old football player has just signed the best deal of his life! The Miami native just received a four-year contract extension and now he and his family are set for life! But does that include Antonio Brown’s girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss?

Questions like “Who is Antonio Brown dating?” are a thing of the past. Despite there not being too many of Chelsie Kyriss’ photos on Antonio Brown’s Instagram, the two still seem closer than ever when they are pictured and reportedly, there may be more relationship news for the couple —but more on that later. Now that Antonio Brown is making a lot more money, everyone and their mother is looking into his life! So, instead of looking all over the place for information, here’s everything you need to know about Chelsie Kyriss.

Chelsie Kyriss is from Ohio  

There aren’t many details on Kyriss but after a bit of research, we have managed to find out a few things. She was born on September 1, 1989 in Springboro, Ohio but lives in Pittsburgh and according to her LinkedIn account, she’s a customer service representative at Wilton brands Inc. She previously worked at Bakers Footwear Group and Adventure Through Learning as an assistant teacher. She attended Springboro High School and attended both Sinclair Community College (2008-2010) and Georgia State University Perimeter College (2010-2011), with a concentration in general education.

She Has Children from a Past Relationship

Her boyfriend isn’t the only one with kids. Kyriss has two kids of her own named Kellen and Brooklyn from a previous relationship. Is anyone else wondering if all their kids get along with each other?


Is Chelsie Kyriss Pregnant?

Antonio Brown is already a father to three sons, Antonio Jr., Autonomy, Ali, and a daughter named Antanyiah. Kyriss is the mother of Brown’s two youngest kids, Autonomy and Ali. But are the Browns expecting another bundle of joy? When it comes to Antonio Brown’s wife, kids or girlfriend, fans aren’t always in the loop. He’s not married to Kyriss yet, but according to SteelersWire, the Pittsburgh wide receiver may be a father again! On his Snapchat, the football player took photos of himself on a boat with his kids and Kyriss. But that’s not all—Kyriss looked bigger around her stomach area, and it was noticeable. Could she be pregnant with another child for Antonio Brown? Her face was hidden in the shot, possibly on purpose, but the web site believes the woman in question to be her. She may not be pregnant —just bloated —but either way, fans are talking and want to know if there’s another addition to the Brown family! Should we start thinking of baby names? How do you feel about the names Apollonia or Apollo?

Her Boyfriend Just Signed the Deal of a Lifetime!   

On Monday (February 27), the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown came to an agreement and signed a four-year deal to the tune of $68.0 million! That makes him the highest paid wide receiver in NFL history! He is now tied to the Steelers through the 2021 season and posted on both Twitter and Instagram once the deal was signed. The wide receiver stands to make less in the fourth year of his contract, but that doesn’t make him any less rich. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Antonio Brown will make $18.5 million in the first three years of the contract and $12.5 million in the fourth. The lucrative deal also includes a $19.0 million signing bonus!

Antonio Brown is one of the best players in the league and has been a key player in the Steelers offense for several seasons. He previously had a five-year contract for $42.0 million, only having one year left. If he is becoming a father again, he can clearly afford it!


Antonio Brown Has Been Told to Put a Ring on It!

According to Fox Sports, fellow athlete Ben Roethlisberger has been pressuring the wide receiver to make an honest woman out of Kyriss!

“Off the field, he’s always pushing the marriage card on me, wondering when my date is coming,” Brown said. “We have a great relationship. He makes jokes about my kids. My girlfriend and his wife are pretty cool. On marriage, I tell him, ‘Not too fast, I’ve got to grow into it.’” It looks like Kyriss may have to wait a bit for her man to make it official, so stay close to your Instagram and Twitter accounts for the announcement!

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