Jose Mourinho may lose his job at Chelsea FC if he doesn’t get his act together. He surprisingly didn’t outwardly protest the decision of his goalkeeper Petr Čech to move to London rivals, Arsenal. But in a recent match against Swansea, Mourinho lashed out and vented his explosive anger at the medical team, simply for checking on one of the players, Eden Hazard, in the middle of the game.

Mourinho later blamed his outburst on the medical team not knowing enough about the game. “If you go to the pitch to assist a player, then you must be sure that a player has a serious problem,” Mourinho explained after the match. “I was sure that Eden didn’t have a serious problem. He had a knock and was very tired.”

It seems almost unbelievable that 52-year-old Mourinho led Chelsea to the Premier League title just a few months ago. Ever since, Mourinho seems to have lost control, resulting in the irresponsible attack against his own medical team.


Besides this, people are also questioning why Mourinho didn’t object against Čech’s move to Arsenal. While Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich may have wanted to respect Čech and his decision, some believe that as a man of football, Mourinho should have fought to keep the goalkeeper.

The Chelsea team also looked down and their spirits low on the very first day of the season. They haven’t seemed to freshen up for the new season and are once again relying on their injury-prone teammate, Eden Hazard, who may or may not be able to deliver.

Jose Mourinho’s previous managerial career also shows the trend of him not lasting more than two to three years in one position. He seems to be at that point with Chelsea now. Mourinho might be under a little too much stress, but if he doesn’t pull up his socks soon, he might just find himself without a team to manage.


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