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You all know Damaris Phillips, the happy chef who teaches viewers of Southern At Heart how to cook with love! Speaking of love, the pretty cook married Darrick Wood in 2015. Fans are curious about her vegetarian husband, and if you want to know more about him, then you came to the right place.

In this Darrick Wood wiki, you’re not only going to read about the couple’s DIY wedding, but also about what Darrick Wood does for a living. The man inspires thousands through social media and his line of work, and we have the details right here. Check out these five facts about Damaris Phillips’ husband.

#1. Darrick Wood’s Pretty Learned

Darrick Wood is a zen lover, and according to his LinkedIn Page, he attended Antioch College’s Antioch Buddhist Studies Program.

For a little less than a year, he studied Hindi, along with meditation in a Buddhist monastery, and learned some philosophy. Wood taught mathematics and English in classrooms in small villages.

He also took an intensive Hindi language learning program at the University of Michigan. By 1997, he had a double minor in physics and philosophy, and a major in mathematics from Earlham College.

#2. Wood Is an Education Consultant

Darrick Wood worked as a teacher in many institutes and did distance learning coordination.

He worked at the Kennedy Science Center as an education manager, after which he moved to India. In India, he moved from state to state as a curriculum developer, and consultant for science and math programs.

From 2007 to 2014, Wood worked as a national education consultant, and in 2015, founded Curiosity Ed, which focuses on content-rich programs.

#3. Wood Married Chef Phillips in Kentucky

Damaris Phillips and Darrick Wood got married on June 13, 2015, in a wispy outdoor setting fit for a fairy tale! The couple tied the knot at Willow Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

They hosted about 235 guests, and since Wood is vegetarian, the menu was a whole different celebration in itself.

Food Network’s Damaris Phillips ignored her taste for Southern pork and went for a completely meatless spread at the reception.

The couple DIY’ed their wedding décor with origami birds and a handmade brooch bouquet for the bride.

Everyone was treated to fresh salads, vegetable and hummus sandwiches, and a huge spread of desserts, all homemade by the chef herself.

“I was so excited to marry Darrick, I would have gone to the courthouse, but this was more fun—and a lot prettier,” she said when asked about her reception.

Wood wanted to have family-style dining for their wedding, and in a twist, asked guests to bring forks for the couple to use and keep for the rest of their lives. He had a dream about it!

#4. What Is Inside a Question?

Darrick Wood is a multi-talented man, and creative as he is, he also founded the radio show Inside a Question, on 97.1 FM WXOX.

The teacher took to radio and hosts the program, which leans toward solving the many mysteries of the universe.

Not only does every episode focus on answering listeners’ questions, but it also spreads immense knowledge and inspiration to the world.

You can catch Wood live on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. EST on 97.1 FM in Louisville, Kentucky.

#5. Darrick Woods Sings, Too!

Is there anything this man can’t do? Darrick Wood loves a good ol’ folk song every now and then. He and his wife play the ukulele and sing. In one Instagram post, the couple perform the “Luna Song.”

Damaris Phillips captioned the post, “Our niece Mia doesn’t think this is a real song…what do you think? #Lunasong with @insideaquestion.”

Fans simply loved the couple singing, and we’re sure their niece enjoyed every bit of it as much as we did!