When it comes to fitness, it definitely couldn’t hurt to take pointers from Miranda Kerr—the model clearly knows a thing or two about how to maintain a fit physique. And thankfully, she doesn’t shy away from showing off her workout secrets, like the video she shared earlier today.

Kerr posted a short video on Instagram of what she describes as her morning workout. Forget running or lifting weights—she opts for Pilates, a workout similar to yoga but that uses spring-resistant equipment designed to build core strength and flexibility. In her clip, Kerr is using an apparatus called the Reformer, one of the most common pieces of Pilates equipment, for both her lower and upper body.

Pilates is definitely different from a traditional gym workout, but it’s a trend that lots of other celebrities have been latching on to. Here are six other stars who also stay fit with Pilates:


  • Cameron Diaz: Her trainer reportedly incorporates Pilates with weight training and cardio, because he thinks that’s the ideal combination for women over the age of 30.
  • Kate Winslet: This award-winning Hollywood actress reportedly fits fitness into her busy schedule by doing 20-minute Pilates workouts and even sometimes uses workout DVDs.
  • Sandra Bullock: This actress has praised Pilates classes for helping her get a strong and lean figure without looking overly buff.
  • Vanessa Williams: She’s probably one of the first celebrities to pick up Pilates. She says she first started practicing it over 20 years ago with Mari Winsor, one of the most famous Pilates gurus, who would come backstage while Williams was on Broadway to do workouts on the mat.
  • Amanda Seyfried: This actress says she prefers doing Pilates on the weekend, and loves it because it helps with “stretching and toning and being long and lean.”
  • Chelsea Handler: This comedian believes that the only reason she’s been able to recover from being a “fitness fiasco” is because she discovered Pilates. “I can honestly say it’s changed my body—and my life,” Chandler told Shape magazine.

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