Charlie Sheen, 48, liked what he saw in his new sugar baby, 24-year-old x-rated actress Brett Rossi, so he decided to put a ring on it. The celebrity couple officially got engaged on February 15 after just a few months of dating. There’s just one problem though—Rossi is still legally married to someone else.

Rossi is currently in the process of ending her first marriage to Jonathan Ross, whom she’s reportedly been separated from for the past two years. Ross filed for a divorce back in July 2013, but the sugar baby didn’t file her response till late January. According to insiders, the divorce proceedings should be fairly straightforward, since nothing is really being contested. “It’s just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the court system,” said the source.

Sheen reportedly has no qualms about the fact that his sugar baby already has one failed marriage under her belt—he’s got three of his own failed marriages. The celebrity couple is said to have no secrets between them, and Sheen very much aware of the current situation with her soon-to-be ex-husband. In fact, his family attorney will be standing in as her lawyer.


What do you think: Would knowing that your sugar daddy has more than one failed marriage in his past influence your decision to marry him?


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