Charlie Sheen has already pretty much declared war on his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, by threatening to sell the house he had bought for her in his gated community. He’s now taking on another ex-wife, Denise Richards, whom he’s supposedly furious with because she won’t let him join her and their two daughters on their Christmas vacation.

Sheen is threatening to take Richards to court to fight over his visitation rights for specific holidays, including Christmas. He’s also planning to revisit their current financial agreement—like Mueller, Sheen also bought Richards a $9.0 million house in the community, and he’s still making $55,000 child support payments to her every month.

Till now, Sheen and Richards have been fairly amicable—she even took in his two kids with Mueller after Mueller went to rehab for a drug addiction. So, what went wrong between the former celebrity couple? According to insiders, it all has to do with Sheen’s new sugar baby, 24-year-old ex-porn star Brett Rossi. Sheen revealed his heated May-December relationship on Thanksgiving weekend when he posted a picture on Twitter of them groping each other in Cabo.


Although they’ve only been together for a few weeks now, Rossi was reportedly jealous of Sheen’s close relationship with his ex-wife and demanded that he put a stop to it, otherwise she’d leave him. It sounds like he’s complying with his sugar baby. “Charlie’s friends are upset and angry with him for allowing her to dictate who he can be friends with,” said the source.

Rather than spend Christmas at home with his family, Sheen is supposedly planning a luxury getaway in Europe for his new sugar baby, although the source says it’s Rossi’s jealousy that’s forbidding him from spending the holiday with his ex-wife and kids. In true sugar baby style, Rossi is said to be taking full advantage of her exclusive time with Sheen. “Brett is so excited to be spending Christmas with Charlie in Europe, and is loving the lifestyle of private jets, fancy dinners, and designer clothes,” revealed the insider. “The trip will include five-star hotels, in over the top suites.”

What do you think: Is Charlie Sheen just putting on an act to make his ex-wife, Denise Richards, look bad, so that he gets away with spending the holidays with his hot sugar baby instead of his kids?


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