Gun control and the First Amendment continue to be hot-button topics in the United States, with school shootings and the like continuing to occur at an alarming rate—with even once being one time too many. Actor Charlie Sheen is aware of this fact, and took a moment to use one of the U.S.’ biggest events of the year—Super Bowl 50—to bring attention to this fact. Although he may have raised a very valid point, unfortunately not everybody agreed with him.

The film and TV star took to Twitter to write some very poignant words regarding both America’s gun problem and America’s current focus of attention, the Super Bowl. “The Super Bowl protected like Fort Knox. yet  EVERY one of our schools, all of our children, every day not so much [sic],” Sheen wrote in a manner resembling some sort of poem. Accompanying the text is an image of security surrounding Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where Super Bowl 50 will take place this Sunday, February 7.

Fans took many different stances to Charlie Sheen’s opinionated post, which received over 1,600 likes and more than 800 retweets. Some agreed, sharing sentiments like, “As a veteran with children, I’d love to stand watch over school systems. It’s become a soft target in recent years,” “wow preach Charlie [sic],” and even, “I never thought I’d say this, but you guys, @charliesheen has a point.”

Of course, there were those that took what Sheen said differently, believing he was implying that schools needed to be better armed. “Point is you shouldn’t have a society where children NEED an armed guard to go to school! The solution is FEWER guns, not more! [sic]” wrote one follower, with another adding, “So you want machine gun armed guards , humvees and closed off roads at all schools? [sic]” One more person also noted that no school could afford the level of protection that the Super Bowl does. What ended up ensuing was a heated argument between commenters about security in schools, gun laws, and even society’s values.

While Charlie Sheen may disagree with the level of protection, don’t be surprised if he still watches the Super Bowl this Sunday and tweets some more during the game.


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