Iconic celebrity sugar daddy Charlie Sheen has a new woman in his life, which might be why he’s trying to kick another one out. The 48-year-old actor recently revealed that he was dating 24-year-old former porn star Brett Rossi, and he’s gone so far as calling her “the better and missing half” of his heart. But while his new May-December relationship is flourishing, the sugar daddy is trying to put an axe, once and for all, in his failed marriage to Brooke Mueller.

A few years ago, Sheen bought his ex-wife a $4.8 million home in a high-end gated community in Los Angeles where he lives so that he could be close to their two young kids. But Mueller was only allowed to stay in the house on the condition that the kids were in her custody, which they no longer are—they were taken away from her back in May because of her ongoing drug abuse.

Mueller is in the process of trying to regain custody of the kids, but Sheen has no desire to live near his ex-wife anymore and wants to sell the house before she’s legally allowed to move back in. “Charlie knows someone that is extremely interested in buying the house,” a source told Radar Online. “He hasn’t formally listed the house for sale, because he is hoping to just do a private sale, without having the bother of putting it on the market.” Even if this buyer doesn’t pull through, Sheen probably won’t have a hard time getting rid of the home, since the neighborhood is one of the hottest areas for real estate right now.


“The idea when Charlie bought the third house in the gated community was that all of his kids would be living close-by, and it would be a large extended family.” Since his ex-wife’s multiple stints in rehab, Sheen has realized what a big mistake it was.

What do you think: Is Charlie Sheen making a smart decision, or just being resentful?


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