Chandler Appears on Youtube in Mr. Beast's Youtube Videos (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

About Chandler Hallow
Age25 Years
BirthDecember 3, 1998
SiblingsMike Hallow, Jordan Hallow, Zach Hallow, Hannah Hallow, Cassidy Hallow
ParentsTodd Hallow, Tricia Hallow
AddressGreenville, North Carolina
CountryUnited States
AlumniChowan University, JS Rose High School
HometownGreenville, North Carolina
GirlfriendLauren Farquhar

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, runs one of the most popular YouTube channels, with over 23 million subscribers. Dubbed YouTube’s viral philanthropist, MrBeast is famous for coming up with insanely entertaining challenges and donating huge sums of money. MrBeast is backed by a crew of friends who further amp up the entertainment. One of the most prominent faces on the channel is Chandler Hallow. If you’re a new fan wondering who Chandler from MrBeast’s videos is, we’ve got you covered.

Chandler Hallow Is from North Carolina

Chandler Hallow was born on December 3, 1998 to Todd and Tricia Hallow. He was raised in Greenville, North Carolina, the same hometown as Jimmy Donaldson.

Chandler is one of six children—older brothers Jordan, Mike, and Zach and two sisters, Hannah and Cassidy.

Zach, known to MrBeast’s fans as Chandler’s brother, has featured on the YouTube channel. Unlike their parents and siblings, Jordan and Mike are more private on social media. Jordan, a military vet who served in Afghanistan, is rarely seen in family pictures on Instagram.

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Chandler Plays Baseball

After graduating from JH Rose High School, Chandler enrolled in Chowan University in Murfreesboro. That is also where he joined the roster for the Chowan University Hawks’ baseball team.

Hallow is a right-handed pitcher, but so far has not had any playtime. To date, his only known accomplishment is winning a Little League championship in 2010.

A look at their respective social media pages reveals that love for baseball runs in the family.

Chandler Is Part of MrBeast’s Crew

MrBeast, his siblings, and friends get together to do absurd challenges and pranks, and they donate large sums of money raked in through his viral YouTube videos. Chandler is part of the Beast Gang, along with Chris, Garrett, Jake, and others.

They have occasionally featured Chandler’s family in videos, especially his brother Zach and their father Todd, who’s quite the social media celeb himself. You might know him as Chandler’s dad.

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Chandler had a recurring theme in videos on the channel, which was the origin of the “Chandler Never Wins” meme. The meme referred to Hallow’s inability to ever win a YouTube challenge set by Donaldson. But Chandler recently broke the ice by winning a number of challenges in a row.

They make a tight-knit group of friends and content creators. And they’re very passionate about their work.

Like when Chandler took to Twitter to inform him about a YouTuber he suspected of copying their content for his own YouTube channel. He posted screenshots of the would-be copycat, Morgz’s, channel, which contained similar challenges to what Mr. Beast has done.

While Donaldson gave a seemingly dignified response, the rest of the YouTube community didn’t approve of the copycat.

Chandler Is in a Relationship

Hallow is dating a fellow Greenville native, Lauren Farquhar. Farquhar, who celebrates her birthday on December 5, originally hails from Winterville. They have been together at least since October 2018.

She’s a student at East Carolina University and briefly attended Pitt Community College. A volleyball player, she was part of the Bulldogs team at the community college.

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