An exciting episode of The Challenge: Vendettas will air tonight on MTV and fans can’t wait to see who gets double-crossed next! If you’re one of the many fans who can’t get enough of this exciting and drama-filled season, we’ve got The Challenge: Vendettas spoilers you need right here!

The Challenge: Vendettas Episode 12 Spoilers

With only 13 participants left on The Challenge: Vendettas, the upcoming episode’s challenge is not only tasty, but it will also test their swimming skills. This week’s competition is titled, “Spanish Treasure.”

For this competition, the participants will be divided into two teams. The competitors have to go underwater one at a time and free balls from a net.

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to rescue a treasure chest at the end. The participants have to then work together to remove the heavy chest out of the water.

The team that completes the challenge will win the competition and $25,000. And the winning team will also enjoy a delicious treat from Burger King!

This piece of information will definitely act as an incentive for the players to work extremely hard to win the task. They will also have the power to select three members to form the Troika (the overall top three players). The losing team will have to nominate one girl, who will go into the Ring and possibly face elimination.

For this week’s competition, last week’s Troika (which consisted of Tony, Zach, and Natalie) will get to choose the teams for the competition. Kam and Brad both have a grenade to use since they won their elimination rounds last week.

Natalie may have to choose the team very carefully because she has given her word to Nelson. So we will have to watch the episode to find out whether Natalie will stick to her promise and put Nelson in a strong team or if she will betray him by placing him on a weak one!

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The Challenge: Vendettas Elimination Spoilers

The ladies left in the competition are Nicole, Kam, Cara, Natalie, Kailah, Jemmye, and Maria. Since this will be a girls elimination, one of them will be saying goodbye to the show.

After watching the show’s trailer, many people have taken to social media and posted their opinions on who should go home. Most are done with Natalie’s drama and want her to go home. Well, it appears that a lot of people dislike Natalie and want her gone!

Now that the girls’ elimination will be today, they will have to work extra hard to ensure that their team wins the challenge and they stay safe. However, we wonder what surprise awaits us next at the Ring!

If you haven’t already watched the trailer for season 31, episode 12 of The Challenge: Vendettas, then feel free to follow the link below.

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The herd is thinning each week, so don’t forget to watch The Challenge: Vendettas on MTV, Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST.