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Celeste Smith has been reporting on the latest occurrences in her native North Carolina for over two years. Now the journalist is moving on to the next step of her career, which sadly isn’t at WWAY-TV. Other WWAY-TV personalities have announced that Celeste Smith is leaving the station, but the young reporter herself has not made a direct statement yet. So, many WWAY viewers have been wondering where she is going next, and if her new job is based in North Carolina. Here are all the latest details about Celeste Smith leaving WWAY.

Celeste Smith Wraps Last Day at WWAY

Celeste Smith grew up in Charlotte, later attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She graduated with a BA in mass communication/media studies in 2018.

While in college, Smith handled production tasks as an intern at Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Corporation. She also had on-campus jobs.

A year after graduating, Smith moved to Mississippi. She was a general assignment reporter and multimedia journalist (MMJ) at Meridian’s WGBC till 2021.

She returned to North Carolina and has been part of the WWAY-TV team since February 2021. While officially the MMJ and reporter at the station, she also shot and edited her own stories. Smith worked with Emmy-winning news anchor Jeff Rivenbark and chief meteorologist Lee Haywood.

These WWAY veterans were the ones who announced that Celeste Smith would be saying goodbye to the Wilmington station. Smith wrapped her last day on air at WWAY on March 30.

Rivenbark was dejected about losing his colleague to “another TV market.” Nonetheless, he is glad she is advancing professionally and commended her.

Haywood shared the same sentiment. And he revealed that Smith would be heading back to Greensboro for her new job.

Celeste Smith is not very active on social media, so she hasn’t made an official statement. However, the reporter did share Rivenbark’s post confirming the news.

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Neither Smith nor her colleagues have revealed where the journalist’s new job is. We’ll just have to keep our eyes glued to Celeste Smith’s social media for further updates.