Evolution of Katy Perry. Credit: Jason Merritt/Staff/GettyImages

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson—who the heck is that, right? Believe it or not, that’s Katy Perry, not Kate Hudson’s real name. The 31-year-old singer has majorly transformed since her childhood days, and can we just say, thank god!

The “Firework” hitmaker shared a family throwback photo to her official Instagram account and boy did she look awkward. In the photo, Perry’s dad is seen in the center sporting an almost-bald mullet, surrounded by his wife, three children, and dog. Perry, who wore a strained smile, captioned the image, “When ur face is desperate for likes [sic],” complete with a straight-faced emoticon.


While the post itself received over 160,000 likes in an hour, fans couldn’t believe how normal Perry looked. They wrote, “Your hairrrrrr. My mother cut my hair like you too. In Spain people call it ‘CHAMPIIIIII’ (de champiñon),” and also, “Katy’s Big Forehead hahah peace mom [sic].”

Perry might have evolved into a beautiful swan from her ugly duckling days, but she is now a boyfriend-stealer—well, sort of. For her new H&M promo, Perry dressed up as a fairy, but the video also features a very familiar, shirtless hottie sitting on the hood of a car. Turns out this hunk is the same one who appears as a love interest in rival Taylor Swift’s music video for “Blank Space.” Could this be another snub on the down-low on behalf of Katy Cat? Whatever the case, it sure is a “hot” mess. (Get it?)

Image Source: FlickrImage copyright 2014, Eva Rinaldi