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The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates are gearing up for their appearance in the latest season, the 18th, which is set to air in U.K. starting today, July 25. Most of the talk going into the episode is, of course, about the Celebrity Big Brother cast—more specifically, who it will include. Who is going into Celebrity Big Brother 2016? It may be too late to learn the entire list of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestants prior to the season premiere, but there is still a little bit of information available. Here’s what we know about tonight’s new season, including who may and may not be part of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 cast.

About Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother is a British reality TV show and part of the extensive list of Big Brother series airing across the world. If somehow unfamiliar with the franchise, contestants, called “housemates” or “HouseGuests,” live in a large house, cut off from the rest of the world, for a period of time. Those taking part regularly form alliances, create and deal with drama and compete in competitions that offer benefits such as immunity from being eliminated, as the housemates hold regular votes on who will be the next person to leave. Eventually, only one contestant will be left and declared the winner.

As the name of the show likely makes obvious, Celebrity Big Brother contestants are people who were already famous prior to appearing on the show. The stars who appear on the British version of the show—there are also versions in nine other regions, including Australia, Finland, and the Philippines—come from both the U.K. and the U.S. and range from actors to musicians to even people best known for their appearances on other reality shows.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 Contestants

Unfortunately, the question “Who is going into Celebrity Big Brother 2016?” will, like previous seasons, go largely unanswered until the premiere episode airs tonight, July 25. The series has been notorious at keeping each season’s Celebrity Big Brother cast mostly unknown right up until the very end, with only the occasional confirmation slipping out. And from the looks of things, the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestants will be no different.

However, some information appears to have gotten out. For one, it’s believed that the Big Brother 2016 will feature a greater number of reality TV stars than prior seasons, which already had more than their fair share. Several clues were also provided relating to the identities of some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 lineup: these hints read, “beach bod,” “national treasure,” “glamour puss,” and “iconic model.” While none of these serve as any sort of confirmation since they don’t narrow the possibilities down that much, they have made for some excellent speculation.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 Cast

That being said, a few members of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 lineup appear to have been confirmed, though, again, until tonight’s episode airs it all remains speculation. At least two housemates have supposedly been locked down as guaranteed for the show, and interestingly enough, they’re both American; perhaps one country taking part in this show has looser lips than the other?

The first is Beth Chapman, 49-year-old wife of U.S. reality TV star Duane Chapman, much better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. The couple starred in their hit A&E reality show for eight seasons until it was canceled in 2012, before trying again with a new show on CMT, which ended in 2015. Chapman’s inclusion is more or less a lock, as the news of her being one of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestants came from her official Twitter, and she likely has no reason to lie about it. Interestingly, her husband was almost on the 2012 season, but could not enter the U.K. due to being convicted of murder in 1976.

The second near-confirmed entrant is rapper Lil’ Kim, real name Kimberly Jones. What’s notable about her appearance is that getting her on the show apparently cost quite a bit, perhaps being one of the most expensive entrants ever, if not the most expensive. Now, unlike Chapman, Lil’ Kim’s appearance as part of the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 cast doesn’t have a confirmed source, it’s merely been reported on enough by news outlets that there appears to be at least some truth to it. Still, until tonight’s airing confirms or denies it, take this supposed “confirmation” with a grain of salt.