Giuliana Rancic is one of the most recognizable entertainment reporters on TV today, but judging by one of her recent Instagram posts, her son Edward Duke has no interest in entertaining an audience, at least not right now.

Rancic shared a cute picture of her son dressed as an angel in what looks like a Christmas pageant, but the kid looks less than impressed to be on stage. He’s not even standing with the other kids—he’s sitting slumped over on the steps. Rancic caption the photo, “I need a new agent,” with an angel emoticon and the hashtags, “christmaspageant,” “dukerancic,” and, “mylittleangel.”



Many of the followers who commented shared the same thoughts, calling the photo “adorable” and “priceless.” One mom even offered some advice for the celebrity parents, writing, “Classic! He’s definitely keeping it real! Welcome to the world of kids performances- there will be many happy & funny moments to come [sic].” Rancic’s post has also since been liked over 17,500 times and counting.

In addition to sharing precious family photos, Rancic also recently used Instagram to make an exciting announcement—she’ll be joining Ryan Seacrest yet again on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards next month. The TV personality posted a candid shot of her and Seacrest from almost a decade ago in 2006, which she explained in the caption was the first time the pair hosted together on a red carpet. She also added, “The laughs and the wild moments just keep getting bigger each year. See you at the #GoldenGlobes January 10th [sic].”

Ryan Seacrest actually reposted the picture on his own Instagram account, but posed her a question: “What gift do we get each other for 10 yrs together? [sic]”


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