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Cathriona White is Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend who committed suicide. Reports have suggested that Jim Carrey is allegedly responsible for White killing herself because he reportedly passed STDs on to her. Now, her mother is suing Carrey, bringing this news back in the media frenzy.

Cathriona White’s mother has filed a lawsuit against Jim Carrey, mere days after White’s estranged husband. White’s mother is demanding justice for the abuse her daughter went through while dating Carrey. Cathriona White had died last September and said in a handwritten note that she killed herself because she was infected with STDs from Carrey. Here are some facts about Jim Carrey’s late ex.

#1 She’s from Ireland

White is from Count Tipperary, a small town in Ireland. She later moved to Los Angeles to be a beautician. She met Carrey in 2012, when she came to America. She died in her home in Sherman Oaks, L.A.

#2 She and Carrey Broke up Days before Her Death

According to White’s mother, Carrey had broken up with her hours after the 30-year-old said she had been infected by STDs from him. White’s mother also said that Carrey wanted her to sign documents saying she wouldn’t sue the star comedian for passing STDs, or to reveal that he has STDs. The handwritten note she left behind mentioned her breakup with Carrey.

#3 She Died of a Drug Overdose

White was found dead in her home. The coroner said she overdosed on drugs revealed to be a mixture of Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet. White’s mother alleged that Carrey was the one who gave her the drugs, knowing her past history with depression and suicide attempts. She also claims that Carrey sent her a text to cover up his tracks, saying that the mentioned medicines are missing from his home.

#4 Her Brother Is in the Army

White’s brother suffered from Asthma and was unable to enlist in the army. So, he moved from Ireland to England and enlisted there. He was awarded the Military Cross by Queen Elizabeth II for his tour in Afghanistan.