Since Michael Douglas separated from his younger wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, in August 2013, the actor has remained optimistic that it would only be a matter of time before they got back together. The celebrity couple has reportedly been trying to work through their issues together and, according to Douglas, things are going well. “We’re doing good, ya know, one day at a time,” he said in a recent interview. “We are married, so there’s no big new announcement or anything else like that, but things are working out very nicely.”

However, Zeta-Jones reportedly isn’t as sure as her husband that their marriage is back on track, because, although she’s happy about giving it another shot, she’s still worried that they haven’t really worked through their problems properly.

According to insiders, she’s also worried that her bipolar disorder had a hand to play in their separation, and that their marriage will just go downhill again if her condition worsens. “She’s told pals she fears that if it flares up again or they have to endure something more difficult, it will prove too much for Michael and he’ll leave,” said the source. “However, he’s reassured her that he’s committed to working at the relationship.”


If the celebrity couple is, in fact, getting back together, they have yet to go public with their reunion—Zeta-Jones wasn’t even present for her husband’s big win at the Golden Globe Awards, although he did mention her in his acceptance speech. Douglas also said afterward that he was planning to call his wife, who was at home with their two kids. From the sounds of it, things are looking up for this celebrity couple.

What do you think: If Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones do get back together, will it last?


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