Is Michael Douglas getting a divorce from his younger wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones? A lot of people have been wondering this same thing since the celebrity couple announced back in August 2013 that they were separating to take a break from their marriage. But according to new reports, Douglas, 69, and Zeta-Jones, 44, are getting much closer to fixing their broken marriage.

The celebrity couple is reportedly now ready to recommit themselves to one another by renewing their wedding vows, and they’re planning to do it on their shared birthday in September. They’ve also supposedly been attending marriage counseling together to figure out how they can constructively express their feelings, like in daily journals. “They only show them to each other if things get bad,” an insider told Grazia magazine, adding, “It’s a way of giving them an outlet.”

The source also revealed that the celebrity couple has realized the value in alone time for a marriage, and they’ve agreed on taking one month a year apart. “They’ve realized how important it is to take a breather and allow themselves time to take stock.”


So, if these latest reports about the celebrity couple are true, there’s no divorce in the near future for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What do you think: Is spending time apart an acceptable way to fix a marriage, or is time apart unnecessary if you’re married to the right person?


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