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Lifetime keeps up the weekend entertainment with their annual “Fear the Cheer” movie series. The latest offering in the cheer-thriller genre is Webcam Cheerleaders, which also brings back a regular Lifetime thriller actor. It premieres on Sunday, September 5, at 8:00 p.m. EST, promising to be just as gripping as the other movies in the movie marathon. To get you excited for this new cheer thriller, we have the cast and plot of Webcam Cheerleaders as a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Plot of Webcam Cheerleaders

The latest production in the “Fear the Cheer” series revolves around Maisy, who is reeling from the loss of her sister. Maisy transfers to the college Maisy attended to be closer to her grieving parents.

Maisy and her family were told that her sister killed herself. But the mysterious circumstances surrounding her passing make Maisy suspicious. Getting to the bottom of her sister’s unexplained death is the main reason Maisy is attending her sister’s old college.

There, she chances upon the cheerleading squad, and immediately things take a sinister turn. She finds out that the prim cheerleaders moonlight as webcam girls.

The cheerleaders are determined to keep their double life a secret by any means, even deadly ones. What happens when Maisy becomes their target for discovering their secret? Are the cheerleaders responsible for her sister’s death?

Watch Webcam Cheerleaders this weekend to find out.

Cast of Webcam Cheerleaders

Joelle Farrow

Character: Maisy

Born on September 8, 1995, Joelle Farrow is an actress based in Canada. She’s best known for playing Jacinta in Degrassi. This isn’t Farrow’s first Lifetime movie, and not even her first cheer thriller. You’d remember her from the 2019 flick, The Cheerleader Escort.