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David Lynch’s darkly humor cult soap opera Twin Peaks is returning to the small screen 25 years later and we finally have an idea of who will and won’t return from the original. A press released emailed by Showtime revealed that the new series listed 217 people in the cast alone!

On top of that, we’ll also get to see some new faces—some of them will seem like obvious choices for a David Lynch production, but others seem to have come out of left field and have us anxious to see how they fit into the mysterious town of Twin Peaks.

Familiar Faces

Of course, Kyle McLachlan will reprise his role as the FBI’s Agent Dale Cooper. After all, it was him that the ghost of Laura Palmer promised to reunite with in 25 years in the original series, so of course he’ll be back to see what’s been happening. Luckily, Sheryl Lee, who played Palmer, will also be reprising her role, as well as Ray Wise as her father, Leland.

Sherilyn Fenn will return as the sensual yet scheming Audrey Horne and David Duchovny, who played transgender DEA agent Denise Byson in the original series long before he was Fox Mulder, will also be returning to the role that helped make him a star.

Other returning favorites include Catherine E. Coulson (the Log Lady), Carrell Struychken (the Giant), Al Strobel (the One-Armed Man), Julee Cruise (the Roadhouse Singer), Miguel Ferrara (FBI agent Albert Rosenfeld), and David Lynch himself as Gordon Cole.

New Faces

Most exciting of all the new additions to the Twin Peaks cast are the actors who have become known for their involvement in previous Lynch projects. Names like Oscar-nominated Naomi Watts, Jurassic Park’s Laura Dern, Balthazar Getty, Amanda Seyfried, and Nine Inch Nails front man, Trent Reznor.

Actors joining the cast who have never experienced the beautiful bizarreness of a David Lynch world include Michael Cera (Juno), Tim Roth (The Incredible Hulk), Jim Belushi (Joe Somebody), Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead), and Jeremy Davies (Lost).

There will also be a whole new soundtrack, of course, and it may end up being even better than the original score, which is a cult classic now. Along with Reznor, famed musicians like Au Revoir Simone, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, and Crystal Bell are among an eclectic group of musicians who will be contributing to the score.

The Wait

There are some notable names missing from the list of Twin Peaks cast released, namely Lara Flynn Boyle who played Laura Palmer’s best friend Donna Hayward. Flynn Boyle opted out of returning for the Twin Peaks film sequel Fire Walk with Me and was replaced by Moira Kelley. Unfortunately, neither Kelley nor Flynn Boyle is expected to return. Nor are Piper Laurie, who played the creepy and conniving Catherine Martell, and Michael Ontkean, who played local sheriff Harry Truman.

As for when we’ll finally get to see this motley crew of actors come together for what is likely to be another addictive and unforgettable, albeit strange, drama, the date is still not in stone. Initially, we were supposed to be treated with the premiere of the Twin Peaks reboot this year, but it’s since been moved to 2016. No word yet on when exactly in 2017, though chances are it’ll be in September alongside the rest of the fall premieres.