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Charlize Theron teamed up with the makers of Battlebots to produce the new reality competition series Hyperdrive, premiering on Netflix on August 21. Dubbed as a combination of Fast and Furious and American Ninja Warrior, the show features a thrilling kind of drift-racing through cinematic style obstacle courses. For such a dangerous feat, the people behind the wheels are nothing short of daredevils. Before you binge on this exciting new motorsports series, take a look at the racers performing these mind-blowing stunts.

Cast of Hyperdrive

Stacey-Lee May

Age 21, from Johannesburg, South Africa 

Car: 1986 BMW 325

This female spinner from South Africa was born in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg around 1997-1998. She lives in the same suburb with her younger brother and sister and her parents, Lester and Lizel May.

She has been studying law at the University of South Australia. But racing has been Stacey’s passion ever since she began driving at the age of 17.

She became enthralled by it when her parents took her to car shows as a child. Her father’s friends were into spinning, a type of car stunt, and her father is her coach. Spinning has since been her specialty behind the wheel of her BMW.

Stacey and her parents are role models in their community, striving to help youth overcome gang violence. An activist herself, Stacey’s car is a hot pink color for breast cancer awareness as a tribute to her grandmother who fought cancer.

Jordan Martin

Age 33, from Machesney Park, Illinois

Car: 2015 Lamborghini Huracan

This Illinois native motorhead has been married to his wife, Megan Martin, since January 4, 2014. Compared to racing photos, Martin’s social media has more snaps of his three adorable kids.

Sara Haro

Age 22, from Tampa, Florida

Car: 2014 Ford Mustang

Sara Haro was born in Florida and grew up in Sweden where she briefly worked as a truck driver. She now lives in Tampa, Florida where she’s a racer sponsored by Blacklidge, as well as a model.

Atsushi Taniguchi

Age 43, from Aichi Japan 

Car: 2002 Toyota Crown

Born on March 25, 1976, this drift racer from Japan has vast pro experience in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Fielding Shredder

Age 31, from Austin Texas

Car: 1997 Nissan 240 SX

Shredder has over a decade’s experience as a racer with Lone Star Drift. He also has a YouTube channel all about cars and racing where he’s also given a peek at Hyperdrive.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, Shredder works as driving instructor, fabricator, and mechanic when he’s not racing.

Joao Barion

Age: 30, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Car: 1965 Mustang Fastback

This Brazilian, who goes by Sheriff Barion on social media, began his racing career at the mere age of nine. After starting his career with karting, he now competes in Formula Drift Pro 1. All in all, he has over 20 years of experience in competitive motorsports.

Michael Pettiford

Age: 63, from Louisville, Colorado

Car: 2016 Chevrolet Corvette

The oldest racer on Hyperdrive, Michael Pettiford is a six-time SCCA Championship-winning racer. He has competed in at least 128 races in his career and won 25 of them.

Brittany Williams

Age: 27, from Lewisville, Texas

Car: 2008 Nissan 350z

Brittany Williams and her husband, Kevin Williams, are a petrolhead couple whose idea of quality time together involves motorsports. Brittany left her job as a veterinary assistant and has focused on her drift career.

Now the couple is a social media phenomenon through their motorsports and adventure YouTube channel, Lite Brite.

Faruk Kugay

Age: 33, from San Francisco, California

Car: 2008 BMW e92

Born in Swidnik, Poland to a Polish mother and a father from the Turkish Laz ethnic group, Kugay immigrated to the U.S. as a child. Growing up in San Francisco, the local car racing culture fascinated him.

He started drifting in 2002, but couldn’t pursue his career full-time for financial reasons. Instead, he stayed connected with the sport by working at drifting events.

After a teaching stint in Europe, he made his comeback in competitive racing in 2012 and acquired his Pro-1 license in 2015.

Aaron Parker

Age: 33, from Quartz Hill, California

Car: 1993 Mazda RX7

This aspiring stunt driver also dabbles in music on the side. He has recently spent time in the studio recording his first album, A Game.

Kisaragi Awano

Home: Japan

Car: Toyota JZX100 Cresta

The former race girl and model is now the popular “Drift Lady” in her home country. Her dad used to work for an airline company and she was drawn to vehicles, since she was a child fascinated by airplanes.

When she watched F1 races, she became interested in a career involving cars. So she became a race queen before making a swift transition to D1 racing.

Diego Higa

Age: 20, from Santos, Brazil

Car: 2006 Ford Mustang

With five years of pro experience and as one of the youngest racers on Hyperdrive, Higa is a force on the track. He came second in the King of Nations competition in 2016, his greatest achievement at a very young age.

Alexandre Claudin

Age: 29, from Rhones Alpes, France

Car: 1968 Dodge Charger

Back in 2017, this French drifter had the motorsports world’s attention when he swapped the engine of his 1968 Dodge Charger with that of a BMW V-8. This Frankenstein engine modification was bizarre and unconventional but worked for Claudin.

John Klarich

Age: 24, from Chula Vista, California

Car: 2005 Ford Mustang GT

Klarich fell in love with cars when he was eight, mostly inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise. A Toyota Supra from the first movie was his first love.

So when he spotted a 1997 Royal Sapphire Pearl Toyota Supra outside a Starbucks, he sold all his cars and a few more possessions to buy that car from the owner in 2018.

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Mike Martin

Age: 53, from Gloucester, Virginia

Car: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Mike began his racing career when he was 16 and by 2006, he had his first racecar, a 1969 Camaro. In 2010, he broke the world record for Nitrous Outlaw 10.5 by running 4.29 in the 1/8th mile at the Shadyside Dragway.

Mike Martin’s wife, Jennifer Martin, knows a thing or two about competitive racing, being an equestrian rider. Jennifer and their two daughters are also a supportive presence for Mike on the track.

Besides competitive racing, Mike is a certified emergency vehicle technician who’s been employed by the city of Newport since 1986.

Axel François

Home: Manosque, France

The pro drift racer from Southeastern France first took the wheel with his father when he was 11. As soon as he got his license, he got his first car, a Nissan 200sx S13. In 2018, he finished third in the King Of Europe Pro 1 with a Toyota GT86.

Mick Wilkes

Home: England

Car: 1978 Vauxhall Bedford HA

Mick “Wacky” Wilkes lives up to his moniker, for sure! He made a name for himself in drag weeks across the U.S. thanks to his panel van, a 1978 Vauxhall Viva-based Bedford HA. Under the hood, though, is a turbocharged GM four-cylinder engine Wilkes built with his own hands at his home.

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