The ongoing dispute between Casey Kasem’s kids and his younger wife (who’s their stepmother), Jean Kasem, has gone from a family feud to a full-blown war.

Casey Kasem, 82, suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease, and his kids are claiming that his younger wife, who’s been married to the radio icon for 34 years now, is keeping him locked away from family and friends as he inches closer to his death.

The family has been fighting to take control of Casey Kasem’s health and neither his wife nor his kids are willing to back down. Jean Kasem was temporarily stripped of her power to make decisions about his medical care after she removed him without notice from the medical center where he was being cared for. The celebrity couple was later found in Washington State, but by then, his daughter, Kerri, had already been granted expanded authority over her father’s health.


Kasem’s wife then responded with a statement on live television, saying that her dying husband is absolutely getting the care he needs and that she refuses to allow “anybody to shred [her] family on unfounded facts and malicious accusations,” adding, “My husband is very happy and comfortable in our family and has told me time and time again that he wishes to remain under my care.” On a side note, when authorities went to check in on Casey Kasem, they said that he wasn’t able to speak, although he seemed to be aware of what was happening around him.

Jean Kasem has now been served with legal papers ordering her to appear in court in Washington, as authorities further investigate the kids’ accusations that she isn’t providing proper care for Casey Kasem. If his wife chooses not to show up to court, she could be arrested. And the family feud continues…

What do you think: Who should have power over Casey Kasem’s health, his kids or his wife?


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