Legendary radio host, Casey Kasem, is suffering from advance stages of Parkinson’s disease, but his family and friends aren’t allowed anywhere near him, thanks to his second wife, actress Jean Thompson, who has reportedly kept him locked inside their L.A. mansion since his conditioned worsened several years ago.

Kasem first married Jean in 1980—at the time, she was 26, while he was 48 and already had three children from his first marriage. His three kids have reportedly never had a good relationship with their young stepmother and they’re now accusing her of restricting their ability to visit their own ailing father. And it isn’t just the kids that his wife is keeping out—Kasem’s younger brother also isn’t allowed in.

“Keeping us from our father is the worst thing she could possibly do for his health,” said Kasem’s daughter, Kerri. “When he was healthy, our dad used to talk to us all the time. We’re his joy. He began having trouble speaking about three years ago. Now we’ve been cut off from him. The same goes for many of his friends. We just want to know that our dad is okay.”


Kasem’s three kids, along with his brother and close friends, gathered outside his home holding signs and demanding that his wife give them access to Kasem, who reportedly can’t even walk without assistance. His daughter insisted that the public protest had nothing to do with tapping into Kasem’s fortune—they just want to know that he’s OK.

Rather than give in to their demands, Kasem’s wife called the police claiming there was a burglary. When the cops arrived, they realized it was a domestic issue and left the scene. Since their protest proved ineffective, the family is planning to take the issue to court.

What do you think: Is Casey Kasem’s wife overreacting about letting his family see him, or is she just protecting her sick older husband?


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Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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